A children’s book about agriculture with a modern STEM twist

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Modern Farms turns ONE! June 15 is the one-year anniversary of Modern Farms, a children’s book from Prattville, Alabama, author and former Ridley Block Operations animal nutritionist Jackie Nix. This picture book offers an “ag-accurate” look at agriculture for children in grades K-2 and is available from major online booksellers, including Amazon.com.

Nix was very motivated to create this book. “We have an epidemic of adults who think modern agriculture is bad or even harmful.” She explains that far too many adults have skewed ideas about farming that look like childhood books with red barns, old tractors and pigs in mud holes as “real” while modern technology represents “industrial agriculture” or “big ag”. “I realized that stereotypical childhood books become their default idea of ​​farming as they enter adulthood, unless given more accurate portrayals.” It was then that she decided to use her agricultural background and real-world artistic skills to create accurate books for young audiences.

Modern Farms proudly introduces kids to the farm to store the journey of many of their favorite foods and the specialty farms where they grow up. Modern Farms covers a wide variety of farming operations, from row crops and livestock to fruits and vegetables. The use of rhyming verses and colorful, bright illustrations bring to life the true story of where our food comes from.

Modern Farms is a perfect book for classrooms and libraries across the country to convey our shared love of agriculture.

It’s also a perfect gift for the future little farmer in your life!

There’s also a Modern Farms activity book available to keep your little ones busy with hours of fun and learning.

Readers’ favorite gave Modern Farms 5 stars.

“Author Jackie Nix writes in an easily accessible style that is sure to reach children and teach them valuable lessons about how farming provides us with all the food we need to survive and how modern farms in general. Illustrations by Jackie Nix and Karen Light bring a bit of color to the plot and make the story all the more enjoyable to read. Modern Farms is a delightful read intended to encourage would-be future farmers to get started in agriculture.

Jackie Nix is the founder of Moo Maven, as well as a first-time author and illustrator. She has had a long and diverse career in agriculture as an animal nutritionist and agricultural extension worker. She is also an accomplished agricultural photographer. You can contact Ms. Nix at [email protected]

Learn more about the Modern Farms book at www.moomaven.com.