A former resident of BE illustrates a children’s book | News, Sports, Jobs

The book cover of “Up on the Rooftop” is pictured above. All artwork was done by cartoonist Joe Engesser of Redwing, formerly of Blue Earth.

Former Blue Earth resident and well-known cartoonist Joe Engesser has done the illustrations for a new children’s book that deals with an unusual subject.


The book was written by Marcus Eytcheson, of Fairmont Roofing. The book is titled “On the Roof” and is subtitled “Marcos the roofer.

Eytcheson says he was inspired to write the book after reading to his daughter Esme’s elementary class.

“I wish at the time I could have read a book about what I do for a living,” he says. “I dedicate this book to all the hard workers who climb the hot roof every day. I hope this story will give them the opportunity to read to their children at night before they go to bed. I believe it is extremely important that children understand what we do to support our families on a daily basis.

Engesser got involved as an illustrator because Eytcheson did the roof for Engesser’s father a few years ago.

“Marcus recently contacted me to illustrate a story for a children’s book he had imagined”, Engasser said. “I was grateful for his kindness in his dealings with my father. And on top of that, I really liked the genuine sentiment expressed in the story.

Engesser says he doesn’t usually accept these types of assignments, but he logged on to this one.

“I read in all three of my sons’ classes years ago and thought it was a fun idea,” it explains the premise of a book about what a child’s parent does for a living.

The book also has a paragraph about how Marcos does his job on every page, and that same paragraph, and then also in Spanish.

Engesser wasn’t the only current or past member of his family working on the book. The credits page has “The Colors of Dawnelle Engesser” and “Layout by Ryan Engesser.”

“Although Dawnelle and I are no longer married, we have partnered on previous book and art projects and she enthusiastically agreed to do the color work for ‘Up on the Rooftop'” Engasser said. “And our son Ryan has also collaborated on other professional book layout and design projects, so his expertise has come in handy. Kind of a family affair.”

Engesser, who lives in Red Wing, says Eytcheson was really pleased with the outcome of the book and plans to market it through his Fairmont Roofing.

Eytcheson says he has been involved in the roofing industry most of his life.

“I started from the top (come on, it’s funny), tearing off the shingles and hauling the tarps to the dumpster after the cleanup,” he says. “I worked my way up through various roofing crews installing asphalt shingles, flat rubber roofs and metal roofs.”