African art has arrived – Nairametrics

African art has arrived. It is the result of a deep appreciation of our artwork and technology, allowing us to democratize the process of owning and connecting to our common African heritage.

Consider a platform that allows you to co-own strategic assets such as investment-grade artwork and other assets that are constantly increasing in value. This means you can buy low and sell high, or you can hold it for a long time as a store of value.

Consider a platform that lets you build a portfolio of strategic assets (including investment-grade artwork) in fractions you can afford that can be used as loan collateral whenever you have need emergency funding.

Consider a platform that allows you to rent works by world-renowned artists and, in the near future, other valuable assets such as wristwatches, luxury bags, fine wines, real estate, etc. .

Consider a platform that allows artists to showcase their work to the world, with the added benefit of unlimited potential.

Consider a platform that allows you to exit your investment at any time of the day or week thanks to its active secondary market open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can increase your returns by using its “buy low” function , sell high”.

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ARTSPLIT ( allows you to build a portfolio of various dollar-denominated assets. Click on the link above to download it, create an account, fund it and start bidding. Please provide your feedback privately after using it.