Andy Lee continues interactive children’s audiobook series via LiSNTR

Following the success of Andy Lee’s first six interactive Do Not Open This Book audiobooks, LiSTNR today announced that Lee’s latest addition, Do Not Open This Book For Eternity, is available starting today for free. and exclusively on LiSTNR.

The children’s book was specially created on LiSTNR as a free interactive audiobook to read along. The series is the perfect listening companion for children and their parents, encouraging children to “not” move on with their favorite character “Wizz”, who is voiced by Andy Lee.

Special sound effects at the end of each page signal children and parents to turn the page.

Andy Lee is best known as one half of the Hamish and Andy juggernaut, and is a podcaster, musician, TV presenter, and comedian. The Hamish & Andy Podcast is Australia’s most popular podcast with nearly a million listeners.

Lee became an award-winning children’s book author by accident. The first book in the series was supposed to have only one copy. Lee wrote it as a surprise for her sister and her husband to celebrate their son George’s first birthday.

When he asked his companion to print him a copy, his companion said, “This book is good, can we print more?” Andy replied, “No. Do NOT print this book. The rest is history with the book winning 16 book awards, becoming a bestseller in Brazil, Portugal, France, Italy, Japan and Iceland and selected for the official schools reading program public from Portugal and Brazil.

As part of LiSTNR’s continued growth of entertainment content for parents and children, LiSTNR has acquired the successful kids and parents brand Kinderling which is home to original music, stories and programs that have become the cornerstone cornerstone of the children and parents pillar of LiSTNR.

Evan Kaldor, Head of Parent and Child Entertainment at LiSTNR, said, “The first Do Not Open This Book series was a remarkable commercial and ratings success for LiSTNR. LiSTNR delivers a premium audio experience and this is reflected in the high production values ​​and whimsical storytelling of Andy as “Wizz”. The format also allows young children to develop their literary skills by reading and interacting with the books. We hope children, parents, caregivers and educators enjoy this new addition to the award-winning series.

Andy Lee said: “All I will say is DON’T download it, DON’T listen to it and if you accidentally do those first two things…definitely DON’T enjoy it!”

Don’t Open This Book Forever is available on the free LiSTNR app.