Art without borders, Minario NFT builds a “collection of values” belonging to the world of audiovisual culture

NFTs are essentially a digital asset with characteristics such as uniqueness, traceability, indivisibility and tampering, and decentralization, representing real-world objects such as artwork, music, game elements and From videos, over the past couple of years, NFT has been intertwined with digital art, and a new, more inclusive art form has been derived, called “encrypted art”.

Returning to the artistic perspective, after observing some typical cryptic works, it is not difficult to see that they have commonalities in the visual style: cyberpunk, pixel style, symbolization, niche culture, special culture, etc. The crypto art market has opened up a cultural gathering place different from the aesthetics of traditional art, and the new cultural system will spawn new visual symbols. Japanese audio-visual culture, which is generally not accepted by the aesthetic values ​​of traditional art, is trying to find a breakthrough from “encrypted art”. Recently, the “Minario NFT” project, which has attracted a lot of attention from the crypto market, uses the underlying logic of the transaction value of NFT artworks (the financial attributes of crypto art are stronger than the artistic attributes), and establishes a “collectible value” belonging to the world of audiovisual culture. Among them, the group of AV actress fans and avid collectors of AV culture and art could gradually condense into a new community force.

In the book “The Value of Art: Money, Power, Beauty”, the writer wrote: “Choose a random period of history, we will discover that the taste of the day is determined by these merchants , collectors, critics, museum curators, who is in the art world.” We believe that the Japanese audio-visual cultural industry, which can create a market value of more than 20 billion US dollars each year, does not lack of “the art of time”, but people often choose to ignore them.

NFT crypto art is likely to impact the traditional art market, and even break the old order. It is not accepted by the traditional art market. Japanese audiovisual culture will probably be the first to break this old order after being closely linked to digital art. After the launch of Minario NFT’s official website, famous Japanese AV actress Minami Riona immediately expressed her support on Twitter and claimed to be a deep partner of the platform. There is more news that the first batch of AV NFT actresses of the project may be launched on the Windvane platform (KuCoin NFT Marketplace). We have compiled relevant news about the Minario NFT project. Claiming an important idea: “Art without borders”.

The so-called “art without borders”, if you consider the nude sculptures of ancient Greece and the portraits of Western Europe as a means of artistic expression, you cannot deny the artistic elements contained in the audiovisual culture. According to Mr. Ganari Takahashi (founder of Soft On Demand): “Whether or not an audiovisual work has an artistic component is determined by the market”. When the gallery’s nude artwork meets the audiovisual works, you’ll find that “it’s called art, but it’s creativity.” Therefore, we believe that Minario NFT brings audiovisual culture into the cipher art circle with more inclusive attributes and financial transaction attributes. A refinement of audio-visual culture, taking the essence and eliminating dross, while protecting audio-visual culture, it also provides more motivation and elements for the creativity of audio-visual culture.

Distributed storage, decentralization, openness, transparency and inseparability of NFTs will basically strengthen all kinds of AV works, reflect the value of collections and boost the fan economy. Although audiovisual culture is spreading all over the world, it lacks circular culture artworks, the launch of Minario NFT project will further fill the gap in this market.

It is reported that the first batch of NFT will be based on actress Minami Riona as a prototype, with a mintage of 300 pieces. For fans, the first batch of NFTs that can enter the project will have great collection value and room for appreciation. Maybe all it takes is a small gas tax to bring Mint to a rare NFT. We learned during the AMA community event that the Minario NFT project was discussing plans to cooperate with large-scale Meta games. As a Meta game character, isn’t it a good thing to let AV actresses follow you to travel Meta?

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Minario NFT is a world-class NFT platform created in cooperation with famous Japanese actress Riona Minami. It aims to protect the originality of Japanese actress videos through NFT technology while maintaining the charm of audiovisual culture. Help more actresses and artists monetize their works through NFT, create a new digital collection ecosystem, and establish a DAO community focused on audiovisual culture.

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