ARTCELS launches new ‘Millennials’ art portfolio with Banksy NFTs. Avant-garde digital art …

From the recent release of NFTs by ARTCELS Banksy’s Grin Reaper, Color screenprint on wove paper, Signed and dated (2005)

Red Squiggle by Josh Sperlin, Acrylic on canvas in shape

The digital art investment platform ARTCELS today announces the launch of its new premier art portfolio “Millennials” on April 22, 2021. Available to investors as equity-based property using non-fungible tokens (NFT), it is backed by its own revolutionary Swiss-based cryptocurrency – ARTEM. The portfolio of works of art will also be on display in a specially curated exhibition at the HOFA gallery for the enjoyment of investors and the public.

The new portfolio features top-notch ultra-contemporary artwork from coveted artists such as Banksy, Nina Chanel Abney, Jonas Wood, Josh sperling, Yoshimoto Nara, and others. These artists have seen their works rise in value and demand, in large part thanks to the patronage of millennial collectors who are boldly shaping the boundaries of the art market despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

ARTCELS was initially launched in February 2020:

  • ARTCELS is a pioneering asset-based tokenized art investment platform that uses NFTs, blockchain technology and cryptography to facilitate safe and secure investment in some of the most valuable contemporary blue-chip arts on the market. market today.
  • The model provides state-of-the-art point-of-sale and purchase authentication while allowing investor members to opt for partial and shared ownership of works of art that they carefully curate.
  • Thanks to this flexible model, ARTCELS has opened the door for young art enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts to invest in and enjoy the first-rate contemporary works of art they market.

Launch of ARTCELS ‘new’ Millennials’ portfolio on April 22, 2021:

  • Millennials marks a major milestone for ARTCELS, as they look to build on the sold-out success of their debut ‘XXI’ portfolio which closed at a record high, having attracted investors in multiple markets and garnering accolades for corporate services. innovative investment and virtual art experiences they offer.
  • The price of a single Millennial share is $ 1,000 and the portfolio opens with an initial offer of $ 250,000 capped at 250 shares.
  • The ARTCELS team believes that with the “Millennials” they will attract greater value commitments from investor members who are ready to cash in significant returns, as art remains one of the options. safest investment available.

Composed primarily of unique and limited edition works of art, the ‘Millennials’ portfolio has been curated with an eye on collections that resonate with the millennial generation and with an emphasis on Asian collectors. The inclusion of works by Banksy will certainly be another important note for ‘Millennials’, as the popular British artist remains a global artistic phenomenon. Fans of Josh Sperling and Yoshimoto Nara, whose art has been exhibited in Hong Kong and Japan, and Jonas Wood whose energetic and colorful paintings have featured on billboards and murals from New York to Los Angeles. , will also find the new ARTCELS portfolio an attractive investment option.

In addition to the opportunity to invest in lucrative contemporary art portfolios, ARTCELS members also benefit from a personalized online gallery, investor dashboard and social network on the platform. form, all accessible in the ARTCELS mobile application.

Commenting on the new ‘Millennials’ portfolio, ARTCELS co-founder Elio D’Anna said: “Our inaugural portfolio, ‘XXI’, which began in 2020, sold quickly and was a resounding success presented in galleries and virtual exhibitions held in London, Los Angeles and Mykonos for the enjoyment of our members and the public. public. “

He adds “Thus, in 2021, we are dreaming bigger and aiming higher with our new “Millennials” portfolio. It represents the best of contemporary art today and we are confident that our potential and current investors will be extremely pleased with the quality of art they will be able to enjoy and the potentially significant magnitude of their return on investment.

ARTCELS is launching its new ‘Millennials’ investment portfolio at HOFA Gallery in London on April 22, 2021 during a press conference and special preview (10 am-6pm GMT). The exhibition of the “Millennials” portfolio will also be available to the public. In accordance with Covid-19 security protocols, all gallery visits will be strictly on an RSVP basis.