ArtMeta Partners with VP Bank to Bring Fine Art to the Metaverse

ZUG, Swiss, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ArtMetathe fine arts metaverse, has partnered with an international banking group, VP Bankone of from Liechtenstein biggest banks. The partnership with VP Bank will expand their offering of services such as digitizing high-value art collections and displaying them in the ArtMeta metaverse.

In addition, as the bank launches its newest service, art tokenization, it will offer the possibility of combining all the advantages of blockchain technologies such as traceability and transparency, with the usual security standards of a bank. regulated. Physical assets such as works of art can be split into any number of tokens using tokenization. Each individual token then represents a specific share of a work of art with enforceable ownership claims, similar to a traditional security.

With offices at Vaduz, Zürich, Luxemburg, Singapore, hong kong and Tortola (British Virgin Islands), VP Bank has served a very wealthy clientele for over 65 years and has become renowned for its banking services.

About ArtMeta:

ArtMeta offers ultimate access to the realm of fine art, connecting leading galleries and their artists to collectors in a visionary and beautifully rendered digital universe, offering a unique new paradigm for exhibiting and selling fine art.

More than a metaverse, ArtMeta is a comprehensive platform designed to give artists and galleries the tools they need to participate in the burgeoning NFT market. Through these tools and its $MART token, ArtMeta unites the world of fine art and crypto, creating a viable digital economy to support artists in perpetuity. Art lovers will be able to experience fine art in a new and immersive way, participate in ArtMeta events and premium exhibitions, as well as purchase extremely rare NFT-based artworks directly from world-class art galleries and artists. Learn more about:

About VP Bank:

VP Bank Group is part of from Liechtenstein top banks with global offices, including Vaduz, Zürich, Luxemburg, Singapore, hong kong and Tortola (British Virgin Islands). Tailor-made asset management, investment advice and wealth planning for private clients and well-informed intermediaries represent the core business of VP Bank.

VP Bank has distinguished itself through its commitment to its customers and its pioneering spirit for more than 65 years. To learn more, please visit


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