Big Tree invests $80 million in state-of-the-art beverage production

BIG Tree Beverages has invested US$80 million in a state-of-the-art beverage production facility, coupled with massive research and development and innovations that keep it competitive.

Speaking at a press tour of Bigtree Beverages’ multimillion-dollar manufacturing plant in the South Lusaka Multi-Facility Economic Zone on Wednesday, Bridget Kambobe, Public Relations and Corporate Affairs Manager of the Trade Kings Group, said massive investment in technology, innovation and infrastructure had increased significantly. Big Tree Beverages production volumes.

“Faced with economic and financial pressures driven by rising costs, regional geopolitics, rising input costs, localized economic factors with Zambia and related export markets, falling selling prices and increasing from national, regional and international competition, Big Tree Beverages has led the Group expansion into the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ) with an investment of US$80 million in a beverage production facility at the state-of-the-art technology coupled with massive research and development and innovations that keep it competitive among the region’s leading beverage manufacturers.The companies plan to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations while bringing to market leading brands in the region, segments and category as a whole,” she said.

“Massive investment in technology, R&D, innovation and infrastructure has significantly increased Big Tree Beverages’ production volumes to comfortably serve Zambia and other countries in the region. During a media-guided tour of the Bigtree production plant, Group Managing Director Mr. Lux Subramaniam informed the media that the company building this world-class plant is an example of investment in human capital, investment projects, market and research and development. . It also cements that Bigtree Beverages has a long-term commitment to Zambia and remains committed to proudly representing and bringing Zambian products to the rest of Africa.

Kambobe said Bigtree provides a world-class portfolio of sparkling and still beverages to 10 countries.

“Bigtree Beverages Ltd, an independent subsidiary of the Trade Kings group, has grown into one of the largest beverage companies in Sub-Saharan Africa in just over 5 years. As food and beverage is one of the fastest growing industries globally, Bigtree has grown and expanded exponentially since its inception in 2016, now providing 10 countries with a world-class portfolio of sparkling beverages. and flat. This success is largely attributed to a growing portfolio that included energy drinks, colas, flavored soft drinks, fruit-based soft drinks, juices, syrups and functional drinks,” she said.

“Bigtree’s philosophy of ‘drinking different’ and the development, innovation and expansion of its related portfolio has reflected changing lifestyles, beverage consumption patterns and consumer needs, which has led to an increase in the consumption of affordable, healthy, impulsive and fortified beverages, which has catalyzed and driven the growth of the beverage category in national and regional markets.With its clear roadmap of continuous innovation, the development of market leading brands both in Zambia and surrounding countries as well as its consolidated and aggressive investment strategy, even at times against prevailing market and economic conditions, Bigtree Beverages is well positioned for growth opportunities. adopted strategy of constantly transforming the portfolio plans to continue to offer products that meet the ever-changing consumer demands rs with world-class quality refreshments.

Kambobe said Bigtree Beverages has also implemented and invested in a quality management system.

“Bigtree Beverages has implemented and invested in a quality management system with business motivations that consider return on investment with clear benefits. We maintain a culture of zero defects throughout the group. As a testament to this, Big Tree Beverages received Intertek Food Safety System Certification, FSSC22000v5.1 in June 2021 with honor and confidence as we continue to grow in the goods and beverages space. Having responded to the need for quality global products, Bigtree Beverages, in its quest to grow the business, has taken a strong stance on the known fact that easy access to safe and nutritious food is a fundamental human right. The company is relentless in leading the growth of the food and beverage industry in the region with a focus on the key 3 Cs which are customers, competitors and business motivation,” Kambobe said.