Blind River Art Students Benefit from Virtual Learning Access to an Established Artist

Students will learn how to present their work in a digital portfolio and other skills to help them pursue post-secondary education

Until the end of March, a dozen students from grades 9 to 12 in visual arts at the Jeunesse-Nord Catholic high school (Blind River) will benefit from the artistic expertise of Ms. Kariane Lachance.

Through this virtual learning project, made possible through a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, students will have access to a dynamic artist who will share her knowledge and love for the arts.

Kariane Lachance is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in the field of professional theater since her arrival in Ottawa in 2012. A graduate in theater and visual arts from the University of Ottawa, this artist holds the position of artistic director at Théâtre Mauve Sapin, a theater company she founded in Hearst that specializes in creating intimate shows designed to be performed in unconventional theater venues.

Through oil painting, Kariane Lachance succeeds in creating poetic visual universes. This artist is also inspired by theatrical texts to make her brushes dance on the canvas.

As part of this project, students from ÉSC Jeunesse-Nord in Mrs. Karoline Burling’s visual arts course will learn how to showcase their works in a digital portfolio, take photos of their works and write a description that will accompany them. This skill will be very useful if students choose to continue their studies in the visual arts at a post-secondary institution.

Students will be able to combine theory and practice, with individual assignments to be completed at home between group sessions. They will also be able to learn to talk about their artistic process in front of their peers. Additionally, students will learn how to use acrylic paint to mix secondary and complementary colors when creating a work of art.