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Best books for DRDO CEPTAM: Defense Research and Development Organisation, Center for Personnel Talent Management or DRDO-CEPTAM is one of the major exams held for the recruitment of positions such as Senior Technical Assistant and Technician. This is a national level examination which is held in order to recruit candidates for vacant positions. The exam is conducted in a two-tier format. Being such an important exam, so is the number of aspirants. In addition, the competitiveness of the exam is higher.

Those who aspire to be recruited and need to prepare for the CEPTAM exam can carefully read the following article. Information on the best books for DRDO CEPTAM preparation is available here in the following article.

DRDO CEPTAM preparation books

Best books for DRDO CEPTAM Recruitment

The CEPTAM Personnel Talent Management Center conducts recruitment for the defense research and development organization DRDO. The authorities conduct a two-tier written examination for hiring positions. Applicants must appear for the respective documents. The tests will be conducted online in the form of a computerized CBT test. Level I will be the screening test. This implies that candidates must score at least a certain number of points in order to be shortlisted for further procedures. The authorities will pre-notify the qualification marks for the same. Level II is usually the selection test or the skill/trade test.

Final selections are made based on this test. The Level I exam includes objective type questions. Candidates have several choices to choose the answer. The exam will be conducted in Hindi and English is at the level of the educational eligibility criteria required. Since subsequent recruitment selections depend on the selection test, candidates should prepare for the exam with the best books.

Common problems faced by students when presenting for the entrance exam

Best Books for DRDO CEPTAM: Subject Wise

The Level I selection exam for the DRDO CEPTAM is conducted in online mode as a computerized test. The test will be divided into two sections, A and B. Section A will be common to all positions and will include questions on General Science, General English, General Mathematics, Quantitative Ability or Aptitude, General Awareness and general intelligence and reasoning ability. Section B will be specific to the position. It will address issues related to the area of ​​the position for which the exam is being held. Applicants should observe that the questions will only be available in two languages, English and Hindi. Candidates should prepare according to the exam pattern and level.

Here in the following sections, we have deciphered the books which will prove very helpful while preparing for the exam. However, the books mentioned below are mentioned for Section A of the exam. Candidates can prepare for Section B depending on the position they are applying for and the level that suits the required education eligibility.

DRDO Prep Books for General Science

General science questions will be more of the level that is preferred in other contests. Applicants should prepare the section accordingly. They should choose books that cover all the important topics in physics, biology, and chemistry. In addition, the books should also contain important information related to general computing. The following books will be very useful as they are the best available on the market and offer a very balanced overview of the questions that will be asked on the subject.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. Lucent’s General Sciences Ravi Bhushan
2. Encyclopedia of general sciences for general competitions Expert Compilation
3. Bank of objective questions General sciences Arihant Experts

DRDO Preparation Books for General English

English is a very important part of the paper and easy too. It does not require panic and a little preparation. Just review the basics of grammar and get used to the question patterns that will be followed in the document. You can simply choose one of these books and perfect your command of the subject of General English.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. Wren and Martin High School English Grammar and Composition Dr NDV Prasada Rao
2. Objective English for competitions Hari Mohan Prasad
Uma Sinha
3. The power of words simplified Norman Lewis

DRDO prep books for general math

DRDO CEPTAM exam general math questions are set from grades 10, 11 and 12 levels. Candidates can easily prepare from their ICSE, ISC or CBSE board school boos. They must cover topics such as profit and loss, percentages, triangles, circles, trigonometry, geometry and much more from these books if they aim to pass the exam. If you don’t have your old books, you can just buy the class 10, 11 and 12 math books from any author. Books by RD Sharma for CBSE and ML Aggarwal for CISE Board are mostly considered the best.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. Class 10 Mathematics RD Sharma
2. APC Understanding ICSE X Math Class M. L. Aggarwal
3. Math class 11 RD Sharma
4. APC Understanding ISC Mathematics Class XI M. L. Aggarwal
5. Class 12 Mathematics RD Sharma
6. APC Understanding ISC Mathematics Class XII M. L. Aggarwal

DRDO Prep Books for General Awareness

General Awareness topics can be a bit confusing for some candidates as it is unclear how they can prepare. Thus, it is best to stick to the contest author books. They will come in very handy and give a complete idea of ​​what the questions will look like. The following books will prove very helpful when preparing for the exam.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. Encyclopedia of general sciences for general competitions Siddharth Mukherjee
2. General culture Manohar Pandey
3. Objective general knowledge Sanjiv Kumar

DRDO preparation books for general intelligence and reasoning

The General Intelligence and Reasoning section is generally verbal, non-verbal and analytical. The candidate’s logical reasoning, general mental capacity and analytical ability are tested through the questions. Applicants should stick to the competition-specific manuals. So, they can refer to any of these books mentioned below as they will help not only to revise the basics but also to get a better idea of ​​what the questions should be.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. A new approach to reasoning: verbal, non-verbal and analytical BS Sijwalii, Indu Sijwali
2. A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning RS Aggarwal
3. Logical reasoning, analytical ability and general mental ability Sanjeev Joun
R. A. Sharma

DRDO Prep Books for Quantitative Ability

The quantitative abilities section of the CAT Common Aptitude Test is considered the most complicated. One can believe that if one has very refined Quant bases and is able to solve the QA section of the CAT exam, one can solve any of them. The questions that will be defined from the Quantitative Ability section will be quite similar to the CAT level. Therefore, preparation from CAT-specific books will be helpful. Usually, the level of Quants in all government competitions is similar. Therefore, one of the following books will prove helpful in the preparation.

S.No. Book Author/Post
1. Quantum CAT quantitative capability Sarvesh K.Verma
2. Quantitative aptitude for all competitions Abhijit Guha
3. Quantitative aptitude for CAT Arun Sharma

Dos and don’ts of preparing for the exam

DRDO CEPTAM Examination Scheme

The following exam scheme will be followed when taking the Level I exam for DRDO CEPTAM positions. Applicants should observe the pattern and prepare accordingly by choosing appropriate books from the above list.

Level I

S.No. Section Matter Number of questions Brands Allotted time Qualifying Scores
1. A General Science
Everyday English
General mathematics
Quantitative ability or aptitude
General awareness
General intelligence and reasoning ability
50 50 120 minutes
(For both, section A and B)
UR and OBC: 40%
SC and ST: 35%
(For both, section A and B)
2. B The subject will be specific to the Post Office 100 100

Level II

Applicants should observe that the Level II exam may be a computer-based test of the written format or it may be a skills test depending on the job requirements. The trade or skill test examination will be conducted based on the ITI level. In the case of the written test or the selection test, the following scheme will be followed:

S.No. Matter Number of questions Brands Allotted time
1. General Science 40 40 90 minutes (for the full exam)
2. General mathematics 40 40
3. Everyday English 20 20