The PX-S3100 and its companion PX-S1100 are the latest additions to Casio’s award-winning PRIVIA family of keyboards. These musical instruments are defined by a simple yet elegant slim design that brings sophistication to homes around the world.

Faithfully delivering the sound and playability of a grand piano, these PRIVIA keyboards deliver exceptional performance and continue to evolve over time to match users’ lifestyles while featuring vibrant colors to complement homes’ interior decor. of today.

Sharing the spotlight is the new Casiotone CT-S1000V, the first speech synthesizer that can literally turn any text – like song lyrics – into a musical phrase, then “sing” it in full harmony to suit any the notes played on its keys.

Casio has built 100 lyric sounds (phrases inspired by familiar songs) into the CT-S1000V, which can be overwritten, and there’s room for another 50 from the Lyric Creator app. The instrument supports both English and Japanese texts. No keyboard instrument has ever been able to speak and sing with this degree of fluency and musicality.

For musicians who simply want all of the CT-S1000V’s great instrument sounds, accompaniment features, sampling, MIDI recording and effects without speech synthesis, Casio has introduced the new CT-S500, which achieves this sweet spot at an even more attractive price. Weighing just over 10 pounds and can run on six AA batteries, both keyboards are designed for making music on the go.

Music Tapestry
Casio unveiled “Music Tapestry,” a new technology that creates art from musical performances at the NAMM Show. Triggered by the pitches of the musical piece and touch on the keyboard, Music Tapestry allows users to create real-time evolving images that generate a single still image when the performer stops playing. As a result, even musicians who have never played the piano can create pleasing images including bouquets, cherry blossoms, roses, and geometric patterns.

Music Tapestry is the latest project from Casio Sound Developer Hiroko Okuda, who saw real value in giving people the emotionally engaging experience of creating visual artwork by playing music. This year, Ms. Okuda gained worldwide notoriety when it was revealed that she created a peculiar “rock” preset for the original Casio MT-40 keyboard four decades ago. This preset inspired the Jamaican singer Wayne Smith to write his 1985 hit song, “Under Mi Sleng Teng”. The famous “riddim” became so popular that over 250 records featured it, sparking a reggae revolution that has reverberated to this day.

Casio collaborates with famous pop artist Britto
Casio also announced a collaboration with Romero Brittoa renowned Brazilian pop artist who has previously collaborated with Disney, Audi and Wilson Sporting Goods and whose works have been exhibited in over 100 countries.

Casio recently invited Britto to apply its unique style to the speaker fabric of a white Casio CT-S1, a 61-key keyboard with built-in speakers, multi-function buttons and weighing just 9 pounds. Ideal for players of different skill levels. and convenient for casual play anytime. The result is “Flowers & Hearts”, an exciting and fun design that combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting. The limited-edition CT-S1 FH model will be available later this year in the US

To complement the Casio display, several keyboards have recently been introduced, including the CT-S400, CT-S500, and LK-S450.

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