Arts & Culture DAILY SRQ TUESDAY GOURMET EDITION TUESDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2022 | Pictured: Philomena Marano, Globe of Thunder. The Sarasota Art Center exhibition season continues with four exhibitions, from March 17 to April 30. Osa Atoe: “The Sea Is Alive Within Me” features a collection of functional and decorativeRead More →

With a spotlight on the human form, Violet Treadwell Hull’s art is both sensitive and visceral. After exploring several artistic avenues in high school, such as graphic design and commercial filmmaking, the third-year art student said she felt limited by the stereotypical nature of these environments. Instead, Treadwell Hull saidRead More →

Blackdove has introduced a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for incorporating digital art into custom integration projects. Blackdove’s system includes a hardware media player, specially designed displays, a monitoring and management application, and a digital artwork subscription service. Blackdove enables instant delivery of any digital artwork to any display in theRead More →

From the recent release of NFTs by ARTCELS Banksy’s Grin Reaper, Color screenprint on wove paper, Signed and dated (2005) Red Squiggle by Josh Sperlin, Acrylic on canvas in shape The digital art investment platform ARTCELS today announces the launch of its new premier art portfolio “Millennials” on April 22,Read More →

Kanye West, self-proclaimed “creative genius” and “greatest human artist of all time”, has a secret talent recently revealed: painting and drawing. West’s cousin’s husband made the revelation during an episode of PBS’ Antiques Roadshow, when he had West’s impressive high school art portfolio appraised – with just four pieces forRead More →

WSU ONLY ACCEPTS DIGITAL WALLETS. If you have applied for admission to the art major on your application form, applicants must pass a portfolio exam by the faculty of the art department. Requirements and tips for the portfolio: All portfolios must include 15 works (please send web links for digitalRead More →

Her art studio classmate at Longmeadow High School, Madeline Maurer, earned four APs in total. She describes herself as competitive and wanted the most stimulating art class available. “I like to keep going up and up in levels.” Besides, she said, it was fun. WHAT COLLEGES ARE SAYING Art academiesRead More →