Children’s Book Council calls for participation in IBBY 2023

Works must have been published no later than 2019 and must be sent in PDF format no later than January 15 to the email address: [email protected]

Earlier in 2021, two Iranian books, “A Thing is Here” by Samaneh Naderi and “Seven Horses in Seven Colors” by Mohammad-Hadi Mohammadi, illustrated by Noushin Safakhoo were selected for the 2021 IBBY collection catalog for young people disabled.

All young people need books they can read and enjoy. In addition to identifying great picture books and novels with plots featuring characters of varying abilities, it’s important that children and teens can read on their own whenever possible.

By highlighting accessible books, IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities increases opportunities for people of all abilities to read independently. Access is enhanced through a range of formats such as Braille, picture communication symbols, sign language, easy-to-read language, tactile or textured illustrations, dyslexia-friendly font and others design features.

Every two years, IBBY national chapters nominate books for young people with disabilities to add to the collection. A selection of Exceptional Works is then made and this selection is summarized in a catalogue. Printed copies of annotated catalogs, past and present, can be ordered from the IBBY Secretariat here.

The IBBY Collection located at the Toronto Public Library offers an extensive international selection of books for and about young people with disabilities. Books are chosen by IBBY national chapters, as well as independent experts and publishers.

Collection highlights include:
Books in over 40 languages
Special formats such as Blissymbolics, PCS, Braille, sign language, tactile books and textiles
Fictional books portraying disabled children and adolescents as characters in stories and novels
Books for adults with developmental delays, language disorders or reading difficulties

The Collection offers:
A variety of books for hands-on experiments in the library
Research opportunities in the development and evolution of children’s and young adult literature in this specialist area
Inspiring examples of book design and construction in unique formats
Book ideas and lists for teachers, parents, carers and librarians
Outstanding books in the field for authors and illustrators to study

Online access to the IBBY collection can be made through and can be searched by title, author, subject, format, keyword and language.