Children’s book written by Kilkennyman will donate all proceeds to charity

Local Kilkennyman, Brendan Bolger, who is originally from The Rower but has lived in Singapore for 4 years with his wife and two children, has written a children’s book for ages 4-8. The publication and release of the book will take place on March 3, 2022, World Book Day.

World Book Day is still widely celebrated across Kilkenny, with many events organized to encourage children and adults of all ages to pick up a book and read.

Mr Bolger has decided with his family that 100% of the profits made from the book will go to a number of charities including Amber Women’s Refuge in Kilkenny, Children’s Health Foundation Dublin and many others.

As well as being available in bookstores and online, Mr. Bolger also runs a “Donate a Book” initiative where he will approach businesses to purchase books to be donated to a school of their choice. “To date we have received a lot of interest and very positive feedback from individuals and businesses (including Kilkenny) willing to donate between 250 and 500 euros.” Most of the companies that have signed up to date have purchased a set ranging from 25 to 35 books to donate to the local school.

Mr Bolger has personally pledged to donate 35 books to St. Patrick’s Special Needs School in Kilkenny, and these books will be delivered to them on World Book Day.

Beat FM will also cover this event as Solas is their partner charity and it is also possible to be covered by RTE Radio 1.

“It’s not just the funds we’re keen to raise, but also raising awareness of the incredible work that charities do as well as letting the people of Kilkenny know that these charities are there to help if needed,” Mr. Bolger said.

Unfortunately, we are all aware that recent closures have led to a dramatic increase in domestic violence, and so the need to support a charity like Amber Women’s Refuge is now greater than ever.

Mr. Bolger will advertise for all corporate donors through his website and social media to be launched around the new year. There are more “very well-known” public figures who are happy to endorse the book, which will open up to a global audience.

Contact has already been made with two bookshops in Kilkenny who have agreed to sell the book and there will be discussions of possible special events later in March to celebrate the book’s release.