Content Manager Job, Johannesburg, Ferndale, Randburg

Location: Johannesburg, Ferndale, Randburg
Remote work: Not applicable
Level of education: Diploma
Job level: Medium/Senior
Employment Policy: Employment equity position
Type: Permanent
Company: fast blue

job description

Rapid Blue, one of Africa’s leading production companies, is looking for a Content Manager to join the creative team.

Application deadline: July 15, 2022

Start date: August 15, 2022 or September 1, 2022

Reports directly to the Executive Producer, Head of Television and Series Producer and works in conjunction with the Series Producer and Series Director (if applicable)

  • Assist SD in conceptualizing and executing editorial and creative strategy
  • In conjunction with the SD and SP, ensures that all deliverables as per format and broadcast contract are adhered to, ensuring approval of all key creative elements with the PE
  • Collaborates with the casting team to finalize the shortlist of candidates for on-camera auditions
  • Participates in / organizes auditions in front of the camera
  • Brief content directors to ensure story and processing integrity is maintained across all shoots
  • Works closely with SD and content team to develop content arcs and stories prior to filming
  • Works closely with SD and Content Directors to ensure content is working properly
  • Works closely with the SD to ensure quality control over the style, look and feel of the show
  • Encourages and maintains positive team morale
  • Writes series synopses, short episodic synopses, long episodic synopses, episodic voiceovers and scripts
  • Ensures the integrity and accuracy of research and information presented in the script
  • Ensures correct spelling and grammar
  • Assists the SD in managing the post-production team from a creative perspective, including editors, online editor, illustrators/graphic artists and mixdown operators
  • Views in person or on Frame IO
  • Attends in-house viewings with the Executive Producer when done in person
  • Assists/directs V/O recordings with VO presenter/artist and final mix operator
  • Views and approves all additional deliverable material, including but not limited to episodic preview clips, BTS episodic material, film footage from major contributors, and film endorsements
  • Bring creative ideas to Rapid Blue’s development department and help on projects with the creative skills you possess.
  • Think, research and develop concepts adapted to client briefs and master Keynote or PowerPoint in order to create and present solid treatments.
  • Involved in creativity, skills and idea sharing sessions to help develop Rapid Blue’s creative capacity.


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent language skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work within budget or scale accordingly
  • Understanding of local culture and the times
  • Thoroughly understands the format of the series as well as the key points and rules of the format
  • Understands the channel’s target market and audience profile
  • Understands all broadcast and digital client goals and requirements
  • Understands sponsorship and brand integration requirements
  • Includes editorial compliance

Company Description

Rapid Blue is one of the leading production companies in Africa, producing a range of content from top international formats to original local shows, and specializing in securing and facilitating production across the continent.

Posted Jun 09 2:17 PM, Closing date Jul 16