Covid-inspired children’s book launched in Gibraltar

A Spanish-language children’s book inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic was launched in Gibraltar last week.

Joaquina Cañada, a well-known writer and poet from the Andalusia region, wrote the book using the experiences of the pandemic.

The project was launched in collaboration with the cross-border social group Mar del Sur and aims to help children cope with what was happening at the time with Covid.

Ms Cañada has already launched her books in Gibraltar and one of her ‘Cartas alviento’ books was launched at John Mackintosh Hall just before Covid.

His latest book “El Mago de los cuentos y la troop de super heroes” was launched at John Mackintosh Hall, with ventriloquist and local lawyer Levi Attias telling the stories with his puppet Janoj the skunk.

Diego Navarro was also a narrator as El Mago.

In her stories, Ms. Cañada talks openly about the tragic Covid deaths and her characters talk about “los heroes”, doctors, nurses and organizations trying to fight the virus.

About two years ago, Ms. Cañada asked a select group of people to tell some of the stories that would be broadcast each day on Cadena Joven, a radio station based in La Linea.

Mr. Attias was approached and asked if he would be interested in telling some of the stories, where he did with Janoj.

Other narrators also added their voices and every day throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, Cadena Joven broadcast the stories.

They were mainly aimed at children and the project aired daily from March 24 to June 18, 2020, every day.

The stories turned into a book “El Mago de los cuentos y la troop de super heroes” which was launched in different places in Spain and Gibraltar.