Dracut police press charges against man who allegedly looked out children’s window

DRACUT, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – Dracut Police Department said it received a report of a suspicious male looking out the window of two children’s bedroom early Monday morning.

Deputy Chief David Chartrand said officials intend to press charges against the suspect who allegedly looked into a residence on Skyline Drive. Officers who arrived said they spoke to a resident of the compound who said she saw the suspect. According to her testimony, the resident was walking her dog around 2 a.m. when her dog started barking against a section of bushes. She said a man soon emerged from the bushes.

Police say another resident of the building said she was woken by a barking dog and could hear her two- and five-year-old daughters crying in their bedroom. The resident mother told officers her five-year-old child claimed to have seen a man looking out their bedroom window.

The DPD said they searched the area but found no suspects.

Later, at approximately 4:30 a.m., Dracut Police heard a report that the suspect returned to the Skyline Drive area, jumped into a vehicle, and drove off.

Police said they stopped a nearby vehicle and identified the driver, although his name was not immediately released. The DPD said the landlord issued a no trespassing order, prohibiting the suspect from returning to the premises.

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“This was a concerning incident, and I want to thank the residents who reached out to us and provided us with information critical to this investigation,” Chartrand said. “We have identified this individual and are moving through the appropriate channels to file criminal charges with Lowell District Court. I encourage anyone in Dracut who identifies suspicious activity to call Dracut Police.”