Dungeons 3 Nintendo Switch Editions Release

Beware of benefactors and benevolent creatures! Xbox One’s Dungeons 3, published by Kalypso Media and developed in-house by Realmforge Studios, will now tread the ground in the future. To get the third addition to the famous dungeon-building series, the Nintendo Switch now takes the first.

The quest for the absolute worst evil to destroy the overworld will not be stopped. Combined with the Dungeons 3 console console, players will soon find out how to get out of their predicament. After enticing Thalya, a dark elf priestess, to become his chief lieutenant on the front lines, Absolute Evil continues to animate its roots in its evil empire, from the confines of its underground lair.

The player can ask the Snots to create their own unique underground dungeon with a wide range of rooms, traps and structures. Enjoy the vast single player campaign, featuring 20 missions, multiple skirmish maps, and the gritty wolf, men. Put in this evil army, to create mayhem, chokehold, zombies and even cruel creatures, all ready to unleash its disobedience on the once beautiful and evil world. All three game shows add to their own collection, Upon a Time Games, Caribbean Games, and the Legend of the Kings expansion pack.

Are you ready to take off from evil? Nintendo eShop is now offering a 10% discount on Nintendo eShop. The fiendish dungeon-building sim is out now and is causing mayhem on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Linux.

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