Equashield’s state-of-the-art manufacturing complex is fulfilling customer orders at a record pace

Global Supply Chain Challenges Still Exist, But Are Neutralized by Leader CSTD’s Machine Learning-Based Manufacturing Efficiency

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Equashield, a leading provider of closed system transfer devices (CSTDs) for hazardous drugs, today announced that its state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facility offers the company the ability to meet large-quantity customer orders on-time, effectively counteracting the global shortage and supply chain challenges plaguing delivery in the industry.

“Our expectation of significant growth led us several years ago to develop a manufacturing facility that would be truly revolutionary in the CSTD space,” said Marin Kriheli, Co-founder of Equashield. “While we had no idea what challenges the COVID era would bring, our insistence on building for the future has paid off dramatically over the past two years for nurses and pharmacists.”

Equashield has implemented proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in its quality control and manufacturing lines at its 112,000 square foot manufacturing facility which includes a 20,000 square foot clean room. Production is fully automated, from material entry to robotic packaging and palletizing, preserving product sterility while maintaining manufacturing quality efficiency.

This facility, along with a strong distribution branch in New Yorknow enables the company to build up months of inventory to meet growing market demands with impeccable quality assurance and rapid worldwide supply.

“Our world-class facility efficiently responds to growing market demands and provides solutions for the preparation and administration of hazardous drugs,” said Jason Hollander, director of strategic sales for Equashield LLC. “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide safe prevention of exposure to those who work with and around hazardous drugs.”

The Equashield CSTD offers unparalleled safety and ease of use for healthcare workers handling hazardous drugs. Key features include a pressure equalization system built into the sealed syringe body, a dry disconnect mechanism to prevent leaks, and Equashield’s closed syringe back and metal plunger rod to Mitigate contamination and leakage of hazardous drugs from syringe back and plunger. Equashield’s CSTD portfolio includes a wide range of sealed syringes and adapters to accommodate any drug vial, as well as a selection of connectors and tubing sets compatible with all IV infusion bags.

About Equashield

Equashield is a leading provider of compounding technologies, including manual and automated solutions for the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Equashield’s product suite includes the EQUASHIELD® Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) and EQUASHIELD® Pro, the first-ever CSTD-compatible automated pharmaceutical preparation system with the highest throughputs. Equashield’s CSTD has been clinically proven to protect healthcare professionals from hazardous drug exposure. It covers more exposure pathways than alternative systems and has passed the Alcohol Vapor Containment Protocol proposed in 2015 by NIOSH, confirming it can contain the harshest vapors and emissions. Studies have shown that Equashield’s CSTD is faster to deploy and easier to use than competing systems. Used by thousands of hospitals and clinics worldwide, EQUASHIELD is CE marked and FDA cleared to prevent microbial ingress for up to seven days.

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