Exclusive First Look at Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Network’s New “Handcrafted Hotels” Show

A new series is *recorded* for Chip and Joanna Gaines‘Magnolia Network. Craft hotels joins the network’s growing list of original programming, and Parade.com has an exclusive first look at the trailer.

“We create hotels that reflect the cities and universities they inhabit”, Ben Weprin, founder of Graduate Hotels, says in the trailer. “Each hotel is designed to tell a story of the community, the people, the traditions. It’s not made. It’s not forced. It’s organic and you can really feel that love and you need an artist to do that.

Craft hotelswhich airs Friday, April 15 on Discovery+ and the Magnolia app, follows hoteliers across the country who have captured the nostalgia, charm and character of their respective hometowns.

Season 1 centers on Weprin and his team of designers and creative partners, including the NFL star Peyton Manningas they create “custom stays that celebrate” the spirit of Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee, University of North Carolina, and Yale University, while providing guests with a “unique and nostalgic experience” in Nashville, Knoxville, Chapel Hill and New Haven.

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The trailer features an appearance by Hall of Famer and University of Tennessee alumnus Manning, who partnered with the Knoxville Graduate to create the boutique hotel’s Saloon 16 bar and restaurant.

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Chip and Joanna have their own boutique hotel in the works, though it won’t be featured on Craft hotels this season. The power couple’s home and lifestyle brand, Magnolia, has partnered with Nashville-based Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners at a hotel a few blocks from the Magnolia Market at Silos. The hotel, located in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas, is slated to open next year.

the Upper fixator stars launched Magnolia Network, one of their biggest projects to date, last July on discovery+. The network finally made its long-awaited linear cable debut earlier this year. Previously discussed the network with Parade.comJoanna said, “There’s just something so beautiful about all the shows and all the talent, authentically showing what they’re doing.”

” There is hope. There is inspiration,” she added. “That’s when I feel like we’re ready to get it out there. The message of hope and beauty and inspiration, we just hope people resonate with it and walk away with the feeling that it was time well spent and inspiring.

Craft hotels drops Fridays from April 15 through May 6 on Discovery+ and the Magnolia app

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