God of War Ragnarok Collector’s and Jotnar’s Editions have a weird caveat

God of War Ragnarok remains decidedly true to its original promise of a release window this year as its new November 9 release date is finally announced. Santa Monica Studio may choose to retain other key details about God of War RagnarokThe story of ‘s secret until that release date approaches, especially since there are only four months left.

However, official marketing can finally begin as a final release date has hopefully been locked in. God of War Ragnarok preceded its release date announcement with a CGI tonal trailer that depicts Kratos and Atreus in the middle of Fimbulwinter. The trailer ends with Fenrir, whose inclusion would apparently mark an interesting connection to Atreus’ Loki based on proximity. God of War Ragnarok adapts its source material from Norse mythology. Now all special editions for God of War Ragnarok have been revealed, two of them having alarming disclaimers about their contents.


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The Collector’s and Jotnar’s Editions of God of War Ragnarok do not include physical copies of the game with their Steelbooks

God of War RagnarokThe Standard Edition, Launch Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Jotnar’s Edition have all been detailed in detail regarding their composition. Fans will get a quick look at some of the armor cosmetics players will be able to unlock early through some of these purchases, though they’ll also be accessible and unlockable throughout the game if those editions hadn’t been. purchased.

Most editions come with a physical collectible or keepsake as well as downloadable content, such as digital downloads for the game itself or God of War RagnarokThe official digital soundtrack of . Collector’s and Jotnar’s editions of God of War Ragnarok are the most luxurious of the listed options due to its exclusive items, which include a 16-inch Mjolnir replica and a dwarf dice set.

These editions also include Steelbook showcases for the game; however, while many fans can instantly expect these Steelbooks to come with a physical copy of God of War Ragnarok, they would be disappointed to learn that they will not. On the contrary, the Collector’s and Jotnar’s editions will strangely only offer digital downloads for God of War Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5, which means Steelbooks customers will receive will be blank.

The boxes then are apparently for display purposes only, unless fans decide to also pick up physical copies of the game at some point to keep them occupied. But fans who believed that a physical copy would be attached to their Steelbooks included in these editions will be sadly mistaken.

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The Collector’s and Jotnar’s Editions of God of War Ragnarok are always a treat for collector enthusiasts

The lack of a physical copy with a Steelbook is easily the oddest choice made in terms of the content included in either of these editions. Of course, fans who typically opt for editions with more collectibles will be pleased to learn how many physical memorabilia are included in the Collector’s and Jotnar’s editions.

The aforementioned Mjolnir replica is surely the most treasured possession of the lot, but fans can also indulge in the Lore-Keeper Shrine Chest itself, as well as the two-inch Vanir Twins sculptures. Additionally, the physical content that fans who purchase the Jotnar Edition will be treated to include a seven-inch vinyl record with music by Bear McCreary, the Legendary Ring of Draupnir, Brok’s Dice Set, a card in Yggdrasil fabric and a falcon, a bear and a wolf. set of pins.

All of the content in each of these editions represents something of the game, whether it’s meant to be referential on a surface level or through a much more obscure cut that fans may not realize until they’ve played the game. anyway, the fact that God of War Ragnarok will feature two different Collector’s Editions is a treat for fans who are dedicated to the franchise and God of the warThe last Nordic entry in particular.

Although they both include a lot of the same memorabilia, there are enough reasons for fans to want to buy one and not the other. Still, the Steelbook decision is one that might upset fans based on traditional expectations of what a Steelbook entails.

God of War Ragnarok is set to release on November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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