Hawaii Royal Hemp: CBD Handcrafted in Paradise

Often referred to as the Big Island, the island of Hawaii is renowned for its spectacular natural wonders and biodiversity. Active volcanoes have sculpted the dramatic terrain and created rich, fertile soil perfect for growing hemp. On their certified organic farm, the Hawaii Royal Hemp team handcrafts full-spectrum CBD products from their own premium hemp. But that’s not all: they’re also on a mission to create a bright future for Hawaii’s nascent hemp industry.

Hawaii Royal Hemp was founded by the husband and wife team of Clarence (Cab) Baber and Gail Byrne Baber. Pioneers in agriculture, the duo use sustainable and regenerative practices, and they have grown both hemp and food in Hawaii for over 40 years, working to preserve the island’s precious ecosystem.

Co-founders, Clarence Baber and Gail Byrne Baber, next to the hemp and food field.

“Our foundation is our healthy living soil and our regenerative agricultural practices that restore and rebuild the environment, creating habitat for pollinators, conserving water and sequestering carbon,” says Gail. “We strive to do good, and our motivations for growing hemp and making CBD are to raise awareness of the planet.”

Unique, Hawaii Royal Hemp is the only farm in Hawaii that grows hemp and food together. They do this for two important reasons. First, it creates various structures for microorganisms. A diverse and healthy soil microbiome is the key to healthy hemp plants and deeply nutritious foods. Second, during his cultivation journey, Cab learned which herbs, flowers, and food crops complement hemp and enhance terpene profiles.

CBD products made with passion

Through an unbeatable combination of passion for the plant and incredible growing experience, Hawaii Royal Hemp produces some of the highest quality CBD products on the market. The climate of Aloha State allows for year-round cultivation, which means three or four hemp crops per year. Thereafter, all Hawaii Royal Hemp products are made from only the freshest hemp flower.

“The unique terroir of many parts of Hawaii has been well known in the cannabis world for decades,” Gail said. “Hemp plants have their feet in the rich volcanic soils and are exposed to some of the purest precipitation and cleanest air on the planet. Our CBD products embody the frequency of Hawaii.

All Hawaii Royal Hemp products are handcrafted on their certified organic family farm in North Kohala, so you can be sure these premium products benefit both you and the planet. Plus, they’re all backed by third-party lab analysis.

The Company’s product offering includes a 500mg full-spectrum biologic drug CBD oil that contains no added artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors; a balm which contains 550mg of full-spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil and local beeswax; and a CBD honey that contains 250mg of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Advocacy for local industry

One of many archaeological and cultural sites the Babers have helped preserve on the Kohala Coast by raising $12 million for coastal protection.

Cab and Gail are active hemp advocates and are on a mission to improve the lives of hemp growers and future generations in Hawaii. For decades, they worked to pass legislation that would allow hemp to be grown as a crop for fiber and food.

A former big-wave surfer, Cab has been a plant champion since the 1970s. He started the Hawaii Herb Association in the early 1980s and quickly found an ally in Jack Herer. During a phone call, the two discovered their mutual belief that hemp would soon be legalized. Cab would go on to distribute Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” book throughout Hawaii.

In 1990, Cab co-founded the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association to help Hawaii transition to organic farming practices. Two years later, he co-founded the Hawaii Hemp Council to advocate for a sustainable crop to replace sugar cane with the closure of the last two plantations on the island. As a testament to his pioneering work, Cab was the only farmer invited to the University of Hawaii’s Hemp Research Project in 2015.

Between 2013 and 2016, Cab worked closely with local farmers and industry representatives to legalize hemp products and establish the Hawaii Hemp Pilot Program. In 2018, Cab was granted the first hemp licenses from the State of Hawaii and the USDA in the state in 2020. Gail worked with local farmers and industry representatives to legalize hemp products. hemp in Hawaii’s 2019-2022 legislative sessions.

“We jumped at the chance to get Hawaii’s first license to grow hemp when the Hawaii Hemp Pilot Program finally opened,” Gail said.

As you can imagine, Cab’s expertise is in high demand. He regularly consults with farmers on how to optimize their hemp operations and the transition to organic and regenerative agriculture. Gail currently serves on the state board of directors for the Hawaii Hemp Farmers Association and the Hawaii Farmers Union United Foundation.

A vision for the future

Polyculture of hemp with sorrel, herbs and bananas.

The hemp market in Hawaii is valued at $54 million and currently the majority of that figure comes from CBD imported into the Aloha State. The founders of Hawaii Royal Hemp believe that an established local market for CBD would help keep this money circulating in the local economy and create more jobs. To that end, they advocated for a model of Kona coffee to be adopted by hemp and CBD farms in Hawaii.

“For decades, the small family farms of Kona have grown some of the highest quality coffees in the world, consistently securing the best price for our local farms with their small batch of artesian coffee,” Gail explained. “The growing environments in Kona are part of what makes coffee so unique and beloved.”

Cab and Gail believe that following this Kona model – emphasizing unique terroir, high-quality, artisanal products – will result in higher margins for local hemp growers. The addition of regenerative and organic agriculture to this model will add to the strong demand for Hawaiian CBD products in the global market.

“By owning or accessing at-cost processing infrastructure, Hawaiian farmers fully participate in the value chain,” Gail said. “This will optimize farmers’ margins, which will help offset the cost of food production, moving Hawaii toward greater financial stability for Hawaiian farming families and greater opportunities for young farmers.”

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