Hear about the Pizza Hut Children’s ‘Woke’ Summer Reading Program?

What’s eye-catching is that the suggested audience for some of these books, in particular, is K-12. on the 3rd. To note.

Pizza Hut offers highly awake books for children

I started hearing rumors about it Pizza Hut Book it Summer 2022 reading program via the Post Millennial, and a little about the Glenn Beck program. So I leaned over it.

Pizza Hut is sponsoring this effort to inspire children to read books, instead of just tapping on screens, which i agree is a good thing. However, some of their content raises eyebrows.

These offers can be found online.

In particular, one book catches your attention. It’s called Be Amazing, A History of Pride. According to the Pizza Hut page:

“Desmond is Amazing shares the stories of the many brave people who have paved the way for the LGBTQ+ community and encourages readers to be themselves.”

Okay, for an older, more mature audience, maybe that’s what some people want to read. But this is a summer reading program for children and the audience suggested for this the book isPre K-1″ which means very young children up to 1st. to note.

This book was aimed at small children (Pizza Hut Book It website)

This book was aimed at small children (Pizza Hut Book It website)

Another such reading is called Big Wig, which (apparently) involves a young boy who explores the idea of ​​dressing up as a girl and, as the website puts it:

“This wonderful read aloud celebrates the universal childhood experience of dressing up and the confidence that comes with putting on a costume. And it goes further than that, recognizing that sometimes dressing differently than you might expect is how we become our best selves.” (underlined for emphasis).

Book a Thinly Veiled Story of Crossdressing (Book it Summer Reading Program website)

Book a Thinly Veiled Story of Crossdressing (Book it Summer Reading Program website)

It is essentially a not too veiled book about a transvestite child.

Its target audience is Kindergarten to 3rd gradedepending on the page.

Again, we have the freedom to indulge ourselves and our children with whatever we see fit. But it is important to know what is included in many programs for children that, at first glance, seem rather benign.

You have the choice to participate or ignore it. We are not seeking to ban the Pizza Hut program. But some of these “interesting” choices will certainly catch the attention of parents.

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