Hogwarts Legacy Editions compared Standard vs Deluxe vs Collector’s Edition

With the release date finally released, many gamers may be looking for a Hogwarts Legacy pre-order soon. Here you can choose the best edition.

If you’re thinking of pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy, you might have heard of the leaks supposedly included in leaked builds and in-game bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of all the rumored and confirmed editions and what they compare to.


  • What does Every Hogwarts Legacy Edition include?
    • Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition.
    • Hogwarts Legacy Collection (rumored)
    • Contents of the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition (Romored)
  • Standard Edition vs. Deluxe Edition vs. Collector’s Edition.

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What does each Hogwarts Legacy Edition include?

Players are limited to pre-ordering a base version of the Hogwarts Legacy Atomic Copy. There have even been leaks, although many versions of the game are sold well, as well as Early Access.

We might hear something official about these rumored editions that Avalanche Software has now officially released its release date.

Here are three Legacy Hogwarts Players Editions that can be purchased and what they include.

Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition.

The Standard Edition is the most basic version of the game that players can purchase. This is the only version confirmed by Avalanche.

  • Price:
    • PS5/Xbox S/RS $69.99.
    • PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, $5.99.
  • Understand :
    • A base copy of the game is the base copy.

Here are the official editions of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition Contents (Rumored)

The Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy includes 72 hours of early access to the game and several in-game bonuses.

  • Price:
    • I don’t have any money yet.
  • Understand :
    • The game is registered in the database.
    • Mount Thestral
    • Dark Arts cosmetic set.
    • Dark arts battle arena.
    • Dark Arts Garrison Hat (No Digital Deluxe)
    • The free game will be 72 hours ahead.
    • Kelpie Dress

Houghts Legacy Collectors Edition Relatively (Romored)

The Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition is the most elaborate version of this game that players can purchase. This edition is the only one with physical bonuses.

  • Price:
    • No price has been given yet.
  • Understand :
    • A card from the deck reveals the base copy of this deck.
    • Mount Thestral
    • Dark Arts cosmetic pack.
    • The dark arts are a center of battle.
    • Dark Arts Golden Eye Hat.
    • After 72 hours, the game is free and close-up.
    • Kelpie Dress
    • Steel case
    • Floating antique magic wand with book with this floating clock.

This is a full Deluxe Edition package, plus a physical version of the Ancient Floating Wand and Floating Book of Ancient Magic.

Standard Edition vs. Deluxe Edition vs. Collector’s Edition.

Comparative Editions of Hogwarts Editions.

These leaks come from the Reddit post where user BattleDashBR turned on the screen to enable DLC options on the official site.