How moving into a tent changed everything for night photographer Malik Martin


For Malik Martin, who goes by Malik the Martian, the first NFTs he ever created were intensely personal. “It’s basically a roadmap for me to be outdoors,” says the photographer Outside.

Called the Constellation Collection, Martin’s photos of the night sky capture his own relationship with nature.

“In 2016, I was living in an apartment and it was in tatters,” says Martin, originally from Memphis, Tennessee. “And I decided that instead of paying rent, I was going to pay myself. So I went and bought a tent, you know a nice camping setup. I did couchsurfing and camping, and that’s how I bought my first cameras, my first lenses and my first MacBook.

Shortly after moving into this tent, Martin found his inspiration.

“And that’s where it all comes back to the stars. At the time, as I embarked on this journey to become a professional photographer, I faced so many uncertainties about what I was doing and how I should do it,” says Martin. “I remember standing up and looking at the stars and feeling like I had to do this.”

But downtown Memphis isn’t exactly the best place to see stars. It wasn’t until one of his first mountaineering trips out west that he realized just how amazing the night sky could be. “Living in the city you see five, but from Mount Whitney you see five billion,” he says. “When I see the stars, I see the love of everyone who has gone before me.”

Martin explains that looking at the night sky he feels a connection to his ancestors and tries to convey this feeling through his photographs.

This month, Martin will launch the Constellation Collection via Web3, which makes sense to him as it gives him a personal connection to his audience. “Instagram, Facebook, social networks are platforms that I do not own. I have no control over them,” he says, noting shifts in engagement and reach unrelated to his job that impact his ability to resonate with viewers. “I see Web3 as a chance to create a digital art gallery, a tangible place for people to go. I see it as a way to submit my work forever or to be able to create a work of art that will always be accessible on the blockchain.

Proceeds from the sale of the Constellation collection will support Martin’s work with nonprofits like We Outside, which helps kids in urban areas get outdoors.

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