JJ Heller New ‘Hand To Hold’ Children’s Book Coming July 20

Every child, whether learning to walk or applying to college, longs for a parent’s love and the promise of safety no matter what may happen in the future. Yet parents often struggle to fully express the extent of their unconditional love.

Singer-songwriter, podcaster and mother of two JJ Heller gives language to everything a parent feels, hopes and dreams for their child in their heartwarming picture book to read aloud HAND TO HOLD (20/7/21, WaterBrook). Illustrated by Alyssa Petersen and expanding on lyrics to Heller’s beloved lullaby “Hand to hold” (10 million streams and 875k views on YouTube), this tender and memorable story is an opportunity for parents to bless their children and reassure them of their limitless love and the faithful presence of God.

Fans of contemporary Heller’s lullabies and other young families will be delighted to snuggle up to each other with this sweet bedtime read. As they complete their nightly routines, little hearts will be set in the promise that their parents’ love will last through every season of life.

Heller writes, “If you’re like me, you might have a hard time telling your kids exactly what you think of them, and that’s why I wrote this book. It gives language to our love.

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JJ Heller is known for creating hopeful, contemplative songs of peace for the child within all of us. Her songs and lullabies are heard by millions of listeners every month, and she has donated over 100,000 copies of her album. I dream of you to hospitals and families with young children. Heller lives in the Nashville area with her husband and two daughters. For more information visit www.jjheller.com.

Alyssa petersen worked in the animation and illustration industries. She currently enjoys being a full time mom and working as a freelance illustrator during naps and after the kids go to bed. She lives in Texas with her husband and two children.


“JJ Heller’s lyrics and songs are an integral part of our family’s bedtime routine with our children. Now JJ brings his calming words and rhythmic experience to this beautiful special children’s book. My children and I love Hand to hold so much. The promise of constant support and a sweet place to land is exactly the message they need. ” —Emily Ley, Founder and CEO of Simplified

“This dream of a book will delight and encourage all readers, young and old. It’s a beautiful reminder of how heartwarming and encouraging it can be to have a hand to hold. – Brad Montague, New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, creator of Kid President

“JJ Heller used his gift of words to create a gift for all of us. This is the kind of book that I look for on the shelves because it is full of messages that I have hidden in my heart for my children. A book to read night after night! —Heather Avis, narrative shapeshifter and author of Different, a great thing to be!

“So warm and lovely! With his characteristic deep simplicity, JJ Heller wrote both a delightful read and a memorable mother-to-child blessing. —Randall Goodgame, creator of music, books and TV show Slugs & Bugs

“JJ Heller’s ethereal handwriting translates beautifully into the page of this lovely little book. It’s sure to become a bedtime favorite. —Amanda Bible Williams, Co-Founder of She Reads Truth