Kershaw County Deeds Registry Welcomes Online Initiative

Records dating back to 1781, we see extreme damage which has led to efforts to put them online

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC – Kershaw County is making real estate records easier to access, including old deeds and mortgage records dating back more than 200 years.

A four-year project is underway that will allow people to access documents online without leaving their homes.

Billie McCleod with the Kershaw County Deeds Registry Office says it’s an effort to help preserve worn and damaged books.

“The old records dating back to 1791 are really fragile,” she says. “We decided to resume recordings, so we did it in phases, we went from 1990 to 1965, then from 65 to 1791.”

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Now, access to documents online will make it easier to access the information they need. “Everyone likes everything at their fingertips,” she says. “Instead of coming and looking for the old records, they can do it from anywhere in the United States or wherever, and some of our records that we’re on microfilm from 1965 to 1990, some that we really wanted to put in line.”

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McCleod strives to keep records that are secure in person. “We have had some of the preserved, it is a process that we will continue to follow,” she adds.

For those looking for information, all it takes is a click. The agent will also continue to have cases available in person for those who prefer the old-fashioned way.