Kirbys Stories: Sweet Dreams, Kirby: A Children’s Tale to Celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary

Since the end of Kirby’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo has released a video game called Kirbys Stories: Sweet Dreams. We’re talking about something special for young people, so it’s a really good tribute.

The book is published in Japan by Shogakukan. In addition to the illustrations for this story, RURUTEA wrote The Aramashi. He tells stories of Kirby’s friends who visit to tell him about his trip, but find him asleep. It’s also quite a story in a way, one might think.

If you like Kirby, Nintendo has released a nice tire for Nintendo Switch, which you can read about in our test.

We took a close look at the new world, even before the final world. The new Nintendo title has a very high content. It has a lot of design variety and is pretty vivacious by series standards, as long as it does, even if it has that simplicity, and even a carefree pastime for adults. We finished the game with great satisfaction, but when we learned that the story did not end at the end of the credits, and that there was still more to discover and play, we had confirmation that the new Pink Fluff adventure is one of the best of his long career. And while we hope the lab will take longer to test it, we’ll be on a new path.