Leak: Collectors and Deluxe editions of Hogwarts Legacy will feature Thestral as a mount

Before acquiring every detail from collectors and extended editions of Hogwarts’ Legacy, it became known. They were found hidden under the games official site and then later on Reddit by a BattleDashBR user. This file has been linked to major US retailers Best Buy and GameStop, so pre-orders may begin soon.

Photo source: The Warner Bros.

Most of the products that have been included in both editions are in-game cosmetics (in the previous trailer, the developers showed off a wide range of character customization options). It is unclear if these items belong exclusively to the Collector’s and Deluxe Edition.

Additionally, the Collector’s Edition lists the Thestral as a mount (a skeleton horse of which only witnesses die a death) in the collection. Previously, we just knew that flying on a hippogriff would be possible. As for the collector’s edition, there is a floating antique magic wand and a book, which can be called physical, a limited edition item. In Hogwarts Legend, ancient magic allows you to visit those areas untouched by ordinary students. The actor and I use it.

There are books here. Image source: Reddit.

Contents of the Collector’s Edition:

  • the game, but only.
  • mount the thestral;
  • set of Dark Arts cosmetics.
  • arena-Dark Arts;
  • A frightened sword is in the wolf.
  • 72 hours at the start of a match;
  • a kelpie coat;
  • steel book;
  • This ancient magic wand floats in a book.

Do you have other items for the Deluxe Edition?

  • the ball is the way to play.
  • mount the thestral;
  • Dark Arts cosmetic set.
  • arena with dark vision;
  • Black Arts hats.
  • The game starts 72 hours early.
  • kelpie bernard.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released this year on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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