Michael Jordan, cover of NBA 2K23 in two special editions of the video game


Former Bulls player Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA champion, is the cover image for the Michael Jordan Edition and the limited edition 2K video game championship “NBA 2K23,” the company said in a statement.

Jordan’s career transformed the NBA into a worldwide phenomenon, making him a reference that left an undeniable impact on the world of basketball. In the twenty-fourth installment of NBA 2K, Jordan is the perfect embodiment of this year’s campaign slogan: “Answer the call.”

“After making 23 the most recognizable number in sports, it was only fitting that for NBA 2K23 we introduced the Michael Jordan Edition. Additionally, we are thrilled to introduce a new premium edition of the game with NBA 2K23 Championship Edition because no other player embodies the word ‘champion’ quite like Jordan,” said Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing strategy for NBA 2K.

“This limited release will also give players the ability to enjoy NBA action all season long with an included 12-month NBA League Pass membership. We look forward to celebrating this game with the community when it is released. launching September 9. Brody added.

Alongside Michael Jordan’s return to the covers of NBA 2K23, the game will also reintroduce “The Jordan Challenges”, challenging players to recreate 15 iconic moments from Jordan’s illustrious career. All ten of the original NBA 2K11 challenges have been fully recreated and will return this year, along with five new iconic Jordan moments, for a new generation of players.

The Jordan Challenges also include captivating performances from his college career, the NBA and the US National Team that players can experience in the 15 challenges, as well as unique video pieces with special commentary from various NBA personalities: Jordan’s teammates, rivals and other sports personalities who witnessed his exploits and can bring his legacy to life for a younger generation of NBA fans.

Michael Jordan is one of the most decorated athletes in NBA and NBA 2K history, and the NBA 2K23 edition Michael Jordan and the Championship Edition collectively marks his fourth time headlining a cover. NBA 2K. He was previously on the cover of NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12, and NBA 2K16 Special Edition.