New Poll: Democrats and Young Voters Support Rights of Transgender Children While Most Republicans Hold Transphobic Views

Today, Texas Governor Abbot ordered Family and Protective Services to investigate doctors, nurses, teachers and parents who help children get gender-affirming care and accuse them of child abuse. A new national poll released today by Data for Progress reveals the powerful resilience of transphobia among many American voters — and that young voters are leading a cultural shift toward a more inclusive political culture.

Democrats with a margin of +34 points and Young Voters with a margin of +22 points believe that legislation that would prevent transgender children from continuing their medical transition and participating in sports is unfair and discriminatory towards transgender children.

The poll also finds views on transgender rights are highly partisan — 71% of Democrats agreeing that “increased visibility and rights for transgender people have made society better,” compared to just 19% of Republicans.

71% of Democrats and 51% of independents also agree that “the government should protect the rights of transgender Americans, even if that means changing traditional family structures and social norms,” ​​compared to 20% of Republicans. Voters who say they know a transgender person personally are more likely to support transgender rights by wide margins.

Read the full survey tabs and methodology here.