Newport Mom Gordon the Giraffe Dreams Big Children’s Book

A NEWPORT mom aims to make her kids proud – by publishing her first book.

Rebecca Stack came up with the story of Gordon the Giraffe Dreams Big during the October 2020 lockdown with the hope that people would have something to relate to and inspire people to achieve their dreams and goals, be they big or small.

The story centers on Gordon the giraffe who is told by his mother to “live, love and laugh, and make every moment count”.

“My daughter Cassie is my biggest fan,” Ms Stack said. “She made me read all my stories and said ‘again, again’ while clapping.

“I used to read it to her from a piece of paper I had written it on and show her the drawings I had done, and she would ask me when it was going to be turned into a book. Now that it’s been published and I gave her a copy, she turned around and said, ‘Why is this written’ by Rebecca? It should say “by mom”.

The book was illustrated by Terry Cooper and detective writer David Mark is a fan. It is also promoted by Goldster.

Mrs. Stack also wanted to leave something for her children if anything happened. She is pensive as she approaches the 10th anniversary of beating a rare form of breast cancer, but she enters through the window where cancer usually returns.

At the age of 32, Ms Stack was diagnosed with lobular carcinoma, usually seen in people between the ages of 45 and 55. She had to fight to get the diagnosis because her only symptom was tenderness in her left breast and the first doctor she saw said tenderness alone was not a sign of breast cancer.

South Wales Argus:


“I’m glad I listened to my instincts otherwise I’d probably be dead.” Her surgical consultant told her that the mass was so deep in her breast that it would not have been felt on the surface and the consultant had no explanation as to why she had the cancer usually seen in people. 10 years his senior.

South Wales Argus:

While battling cancer, Ms Stack had a son Matthew and dreamed of having a daughter to complete her family. Luckily for Ms Stack, despite her cancer treatment, she was able to welcome her daughter Cassie into the family four years ago.

Reflecting on her battle with cancer and the book’s underlying themes, Ms Stack said: ‘I think once you touch on mortality it opens your eyes, allowing you to see life through a fresh pair of eyes, realizing every second is precious and something you don’t get back.

“Being present and enjoying every moment is what is important. Following your heart will always keep you true to who you are and what you want or need in your life.

She also feels that during the pandemic children have lost their sense of adventure as they have been forced to stay indoors and she wants the book to show them that adventures can be had.

Since writing Gordon the Giraffe Dreams Big, Mrs Stack has been inspired to write and draw a number of other books that have yet to be published, including Addy the Anxious Aardvark, which aims to help children understand feelings of anxiety and ways to combat them. She hopes more books will be published and her stories will be featured on

You can purchase Gordon the Giraffe Dreams Big through publisher Candy Jar Publishing and Jelly Bean Books who, along with director Shaun Russell, helped Mrs. Stack reach this milestone.