Olubukola Bolarinde plans solo art exhibition for June

Following the release of her critically acclaimed film “Onidiri” in 2018, the CEO of Yellow Dot Limited, a leading creative curation/production company, Olubukola Bolarinde, is ready for her first solo art exhibition.

Tagged ‘106 Expressions’, the exhibition curated by the greatest guardian of culture and art Nike Davies-Okundaye, will be an intimate exhibition of Bolarinde’s works inspired by his childhood experiences that cross time and culture .

“106 Expressions is a collection of artwork celebrating our African heritage; our people and our culture. I was inspired by my experiences as an African child. The works transport you to a place and a time, perceived through the mind of an African child. A different time from the one we live in now. As our world continues to evolve, many of our children do not and never will have these experiences,” Bolarinde explained.

Describing his art as a form of preservation, the self-taught artist and architect revealed that each artwork in the exhibition will tell a unique story.

The business professional added that the exhibit is a documentary about “my people, my culture, my land. A distinct fusion of North and South, which speaks and stays true to my identity and my diversity.

Naturally attracted to art in all its forms of expression, Bolarinde has always shown a passion from an early age. This was demonstrated by his pencil drawings.

Born in Lagos and the second of five children to her parents, Olubukola spent her formative years in northern Nigeria. from Jos to Kaduna then Zaria. This helped establish her unique sense of identity and diversity.

She moved from Nigeria to the UK where she studied architecture (she gained admission to the School of Architecture, purely on the strength of her art portfolio) and later earned a Masters in Environmental Design and Engineering from the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL). After graduating as an architect, she returned to Nigeria and went on to have a most successful professional career spanning over 25 years. with over 20 years of experience in key management positions in the banking, oil & gas and telecommunications sectors in sub-Saharan Africa.

Today, she wears many hats in the creative industry which describes her as a unique storyteller of her time. As a writer, she
her descriptive prowess as a storyteller translates through her art.

For the art exhibition, Bolarinde deployed various mediums such as acrylic and oil on canvas; the use of rich textures to create pieces that give the illusion of being tactile and three-dimensional, and hopes to provide an immersive experience for viewers.
The exhibition is scheduled for June 10, 2022 in Lagos.