Ortega, Foncello elected president and vice-president of the ASI

By Connie Lee and Hannah Smith, April 19, 2021

Aliza Ortega and Daniel Foncello were announced as ASI’s next President and Vice-President on April 14, during ASI’s Election Announcement Night, after three days of student voting.

The 2022 ASI elections were the first held in person in two years. With a total of 737 ballots cast, turnout was approximately 2.5% of the student population, which is an 86% increase from 2021.

Newly elected ASI Vice President Daniel Foncello delivers a speech at the ASI Election Announcement Event. (Hannah Smith | The Poly Post)

During the pandemic, fewer than 100 students voted, according to ASI Elections Chair Victoria Flores. To increase voter turnout this election season, voters received coupons for the Bronco Bookstore and raffle opportunities to win gift cards. ASI also held town halls, filed, provided ASI “swags” such as dad hats and pencils, free food, and facilitated in-person campaigns to create voter engagement.

Candidates spread the word to vote online, putting up posters on campus, campaigning on class Discord servers and talking to students during U Hour.

“Showing off, no matter how much it certainly helps in the long run,” Flores said. “The people I’ve seen do more campaigning themselves are the ones who won, so it’s a lot more effective.”

Two years ago, during the ASI elections, candidates were only given the opportunity to voice their names and projected plans via social media. The online platforms that were used to promote the running candidates were ineffective, according to Flores.

Ortega, a communication student and current head of internal affairs at ASI, and Foncello, an economics student and current CLASS senator, shared their enthusiasm for their upcoming term.

“We’re not going to say change is going to happen tomorrow,” Ortega said. “No, we’re going to have to gradually improve the campus and work on it every day to make it better, and by giving students a voice, that’s one small step we could take to improve the campus.”

On the election announcement night, attendees received a free lunch and ASI hats before the election results were announced. Along with the election of the President and Vice President positions, ASI Senators to represent their colleges and student councils were also announced.

Alham Garcia for Senator for College of Science, Raneen Vace was elected Senator for CLASSE, Guillermo Nila for Senator for College of Engineering, Ilke Suzer for Senator for College of Environmental Design, Naman Pandadiya for Senator for College of Affairs, Esperanza Lopez for Senator from the College of Agriculture, Jacob Reyes for Senator At-Large: Student Interest Council, Ryan Beacham for Senator At-Large: Cultural Council and Natalie Padilla for Senator At-Large: Greek Council.

Raneen Vace, a political science student and new CLASS senator, shared her experience with leadership and her eagerness to join student government at Cal Poly Pomona.

“I’m excited to work with this new government and this new board,” Vace said. “There are some really great candidates who have won, and I’m really excited to see what they bring to the table and to work with them and really leave a mark at Cal Poly Pomona and help the students.”

To see the full list of election winners and vote counts, students can visit the ASI website.