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A complete set of all three official publications of Cooks Voyages in the first editions, published between 1773 and 1784. Price estimate $50,000 – $80,000 The voyages of James Cooks Pacific were profoundly significant to New Zealand history , Cook Islands,…

A complete set of all three official publications of Cook’s travels in the first editions, published between 1773 and 1784. Price estimate $50,000 – $80,000

“James Cook’s voyages to the Pacific were deeply significant to the history of New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Australia and the wider Pacific. The first editions of the documentation of his three Pacific voyages are very rare and highly sought after by New Zealand and international collectors. This complete set is in remarkably good condition which has not come to market for many years. Ben Erren, Head of Decorative Arts.

  • Webb’s is hosting a Material Culture auction this week.
  • The sale includes a complete set of Cook’s Travels in the first editions.
  • These books are in exceptional condition.
  • Cook’s Voyages is expected to sell for over $50,000.
  • The auction also includes items from various parts of the world, including Aotearoa.
  • A large selection of artifacts from the Lim-Strutt family collection.
  • The auction will take place on Wednesday, February 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Webb’s.

A complete set of Cook’s travels in early editions will be auctioned at Webb’s on Wednesday, February 2. The set is in remarkable condition, with all the books in their original bindings – an extremely rare quality, as the publications are over two centuries old. The first voyage was published in 1773, the second voyage in 1777 and the third voyage in 1784. The seller of this set bought the books at the famous London auction house, Bonham’s.

A set of this quality has not come on the market for many years. Often bindings are damaged or sets are cobbled together from several incomplete sets. Although even in such cases, the books remain very rare and very valuable. Conversely, this set is a collector’s dream, with all the books in the original set in good condition. Webb expects Cook’s Voyages to sell for over $50,000.

“These books come from a private New Zealand collection, although they were acquired from Bonham’s in London – a distinguished auction house. A complete set of first editions in original bindings like this is incredibly rare. We have already registered strong interest from buyers at home and abroad. Ben Erren, Head of Decorative Arts.

The auction also includes a range of exquisite items from various parts of the world including Tanzania, Congo, Papua New Guinea and Aotearoa. A significant part of the objects in the auction come from the collection of the Lim-Strutt family. This Hamilton-based family has amassed a collection over the decades, and it contains a remarkable array of ethnographic artifacts. While it includes material culture from many parts of the world, the collection is particularly focused on African objects. It all started over 30 years ago, when economist Steven Lim received a sculptural object from his brother, who was traveling in Africa at the time. The gift struck a chord and Lim was smitten. A few months later, he traveled to New York to find out more. New York was the main western center of African art, its most knowledgeable dealers and connoisseurs outside of Africa. The collection grew from there and over time it became a family business. Lim’s partner, Anna Strutt, and their children Serena and Juliet Lim-Strutt all became interested and engaged in the collection process.

“The Lim-Strutt family has built an extraordinary collection, which Webb’s is honored to put up for auction. We are sure collectors will find this selection fascinating and alluring. Ben Erren, Head of Decorative Arts.

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