WSU ONLY ACCEPTS DIGITAL WALLETS. If you have applied for admission to the art major on your application form, applicants must pass a portfolio exam by the faculty of the art department. Requirements and tips for the portfolio: All portfolios must include 15 works (please send web links for digitalRead More →

When Katy Kelleher was approached to write a book about crafts in Maine, she expanded the notion far beyond pottery and sculpture. “I started thinking about how a lot of the creativity here takes on other formats, like baking and weaving and even harvesting lobster and seaweed,” said Kelleher, freelanceRead More →

Renowned for their expressive use of wood and metal letterforms, Kitching creates visuals for commissions and their own limited edition prints. He co-founded the Experimental Printing Workshop at Watford College of Technology in 1964. He then became a partner at Omnific Studios where he started letterpress printing. In 1994, KitchingRead More →

A group of “geeky” dads have used cutting-edge technology to create a personalized space adventure that will become the must-have children’s book this Christmas. The space-age book that lets your child travel the galaxies They’ve tamed a dragon and slain the Gruffalo – now a group of dads are onRead More →

Her art studio classmate at Longmeadow High School, Madeline Maurer, earned four APs in total. She describes herself as competitive and wanted the most stimulating art class available. “I like to keep going up and up in levels.” Besides, she said, it was fun. WHAT COLLEGES ARE SAYING Art academiesRead More →