Ponoka author releases children’s book based on his pet dog – Ponoka News

It’s hard to get through a tragedy, but it’s even harder to take that tragedy and turn it into something wonderful. Ponoka resident Krystal Davidson did just that when she wrote her first children’s book.

Frank the Tank Adventures: City Boy to Country Bumpkin follows the adventures of his boxer Frank as he finds his way in the world after moving from a big city to a small town.

Frank’s real life came into Davidson’s life after her husband, Tyler Davidson, tragically fell 43 feet on his head while ice climbing. Tyler Davidson was unlikely to live; however, he defied all expectations and is now doing much better. According to Krystal, when they got Frank, he quickly became a therapeutic support dog for both of them.

“I’m so glad Frank came into our lives; he is exactly what we needed,” Krystal said.

When living in Edmonton became too difficult for the couple, they decided to move to Krystal’s hometown of Ponoka. They now live just outside of town.

Krystal said she and Tyler loved the way Frank interacted with the world. So much so that she started writing about what Frank was doing.

When one of Krystal’s colleagues saw what she had written, they told her she had to make a book out of it. So far, the book has done very well to hit number 21 on Amazon’s Hot New Children’s Book Releases.

Krystal described her writing process as a bit slow with all the editing and proofreading the process entails.

“It’s almost indescribable with all the little things,” Krystal said. She also said the story is about how change can be scary but can also lead to wonderful things.

“Anyone can write a book.

Krystal said when asked about her advice for young writers. She went on to say that all you have to do is start and follow through.

Continuing, she mentioned the best writing advice she received, “ask who your character is, what does he like the most and how do you take it away from him.”

When not writing, Krystal is a Senior Therapeutic Advisor working in research at Amygdala & Associates.

Krystal is currently working on a sequel to Frank the Tank Adventures: City Boy to Country Bumpkin called Frank the Tank Adventures: Merry Christmas Mr Frank. According to Krystal, the book should be out around Christmas next year.

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