Puyallup author’s new children’s book is a throwback to spring 2020

“We had fun in quarantine” by Lacey Heinz is a vibrant picture book that looks back on the fun families had at the start of the pandemic. #newdaynw

Imagine: it is March 2020 and you have been fired from the office and your children have been fired from school. Your days are filled with puzzles, baking, neighborhood walks, and plenty of free time.

Puyallup author Lacey Heinz remembers the fun she and her family had at the start of the first home order with a cute story and vibrant artwork in her new book, “We had fun in quarantine. ”She joins New Day NW to discuss her inspiration for the book and how it tells the same story through two different perspectives.

Quarantine doesn’t have to be bad; it can really be a lot of fun! You can ride a bike, play train, build forts, and watch cartoons. You wash your hands and wear your masks, but you can also bake cookies, sing songs, and write letters.

“We had fun in quarantine” is a playful account of what one family does to make quarantine fun, told through the eyes of a child. The colorful illustrations and catchy pace seek to capture children’s imaginations and make parents laugh as they recall the challenges and fun they had in quarantine with their little ones.

Written for beginning readers, this children’s book is a great tool for educators and parents. It also provides a platform for young children to discuss this historic pandemic, the effect it has had on their lives, and the fun they’ve had in quarantine.

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