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Ariella, Adam and Lia Anderson of Malki Studio in Bargara.

Local artists like Malki Studio will have more opportunities to create and showcase their work thanks to an investment in the Regional Arts Development Fund.

The RADF is a grantmaking program that provides funding for initiatives and projects while helping to support local art and culture in communities across the state.

An RADF investment of over $4 million over the next financial year was recently announced by the state government in conjunction with 59 local government areas including Bundaberg Regional Council.

The collaboration aims to continue the initiative to strengthen community-led arts and cultural experiences while creating industry-based job security in the regions.

Local jeweler Ariella Anderson received RADF support last year on behalf of Malki Studio.

The newly established Bargara-based family business applied for a Rapid Response Grant through the RADF Local Program and was successful in receiving the maximum amount of $2,000 in April this year.

Funding was secured for the production of new work and engagement with new audiences.

“Malki Studio have been invited to be the first showcase for Artisan Collects, a new format event at Artisan Brisbane with the aim of showcasing a selection of high-end works from a select group of artists, unique, invested and at collect, thereby attracting new audiences and art collectors,” said Ariella.

“Artisan Collects is an initiative to support emerging artists, encourage the collection of works of art and defend the value of fine crafts.

“With the importance of this invitation and the potential for a month-long exhibition, Malki Studio was determined to create a new body of work, using the finest materials and being fully committed to creating distinctive new works. , fresh and stimulating.

“The Bundaberg Regional Council, through its RADF funding, has partnered to present, in this prime location in Brisbane, not just Malki Studio, but the caliber of art from the Bundaberg region and its artists. “

Ariella said the funds received facilitated the purchase of production equipment and Malki Studio’s attendance at the opening night in Brisbane.

“Without this funding, Malki Studio would not have been able to produce such a large and impressive body of work that has been very well received by peers and clients alike, and which has continued after the completion of Artisan Collects to be displayed in Queensland Government House aimed at demonstrating Queensland’s cultural excellence,” she said.

“The RADF funding is an initiative that allows artists to grow and thrive in their practice, allowing them to dream bigger, taking them to a new level of practice and career.”

    Regional Arts Development Fund
The exhibition at the Artisan Gallery in Brisbane. Photo credit: Malki Studio Facebook

The Council helps promote art and culture through the Regional Arts Development Fund

Spokesperson for the Bundaberg Regional Council’s Arts, Culture and Events portfolio, Cr John Learmonth, said the RADF was an important initiative to foster local creative work.

“We have such a range of creative skills right on our doorstep here in the Bundaberg region and the Regional Arts Development Fund is a way for the Council to help discover emerging talent and support our artists,” said he declared.

“I encourage anyone with an activity or an artistic project in mind to find out how the RADF can help you.”

Queensland Association of Local Government Chief Executive Alison Smith agreed and said the RADF was a vital program for councils to help celebrate the cultural and artistic fabric of their local communities.

“Every community in Queensland deserves to be livable, and programs like RADF help local communities promote and appreciate what makes them unique, which helps create vibrant places to live, work and play,” said Ms. Smith.

Arts Minister Leeanne Enoch said as part of the successful long-term collaboration, the state government would provide $2.13 million from the 2022-2023 RADF to a total of 59 local councils, who would contribute an amount co-investment of nearly $2 million. .

She said RADF projects continue to strengthen regional access to rich artistic and cultural experiences.

“For 31 years the RADF, established by the Goss Labor Government, has provided a legacy of creating new artistic and cultural experiences for Queensland audiences and communities, and a platform for professional development and growth in the regional arts sector,” she said.

“There have been hundreds of RADF beneficiaries over the past year, each benefiting their local communities,” the Minister said.

“RADF 2022-2023 will support our 10-year roadmap, Creative Together 2020 – 2030 to address key priorities to strengthen Queensland communities, activate local places, drive social change across the state, share our stories and celebrate our local storytellers.”

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