Review: Danica McKellar Publishes Captivating Children’s Math Book ‘Double Puppy Trouble’

‘Double Puppy Trouble’ by Danica McKellar. Illustrated by Josée Masse.

Danica McKellar, New York Times bestselling author and acclaimed actress, will publish her children’s math book “Double Puppy Trouble” on July 26.

It’s a sweet and poignant story that piles on the puppies coupled with a math-helping secret to illustrate the awesome power of doubling.

McKellar reveled in this book. She thinks about how she educates the kind crowd. It’s about appreciating what you have, and it serves educational purposes, reminding its readers that sometimes less is more.

In mathematics, there are many life lessons that are simply invaluable. It emphasizes that it’s not about needing more things to feel good about yourself, but rather it reminds us to have grace and appreciate the things we have in life.

The verdict

All in all, “Double Puppy Trouble” deserves more than just a look. He is full of heart, charm, wit, warmth and intelligence. It’s beautifully written and the clever, intricate illustrations are truly a work of art. It’s great for the whole family and gets five out of five stars.

To learn more about Danica McKellar and her new math book, visit the official McKellar Math website.