RWTS offers state-of-the-art plug and play wastewater and water treatment solutions

With over 25 years of experience, RWTS provides reliable and efficient sewage and wastewater treatment plants that are custom designed to meet each customer’s specific needs.

From brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) systems to industrial wastewater treatment, RWTS has a solution to solve water and wastewater problems in Australia’s most remote locations.

RWTS is a trusted supplier of wastewater and water treatment plants in Australia, offering a suite of ‘plug and play’ water treatment systems for any size project.

When you are looking for a trusted supplier to help you achieve a positive project outcome, from concept design to installation and ongoing maintenance, you can be sure that RWTS will deliver on time with exceptional service.

They specialize in wastewater and water treatment projects that require the team to think outside of the standard treatment system. When it comes to solving customer issues or providing exceptional customer service on any site, RWTS will deliver!

RWTS offers state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) human-machine interface (HMI) programming and automation to improve water treatment system productivity, reliability and performance while reducing operating costs. exploitation.

The company’s electrical engineers have extensive experience in coding leading programmable logic controllers and automating processes for new systems with different needs other than those provided by pre-programmed profiles created by other companies. They have worked extensively on customizing the control system software to ensure projects run smoothly and within operating costs.

Water treatment systems:

RWTS is a company specializing in work in remote areas. They have been designing and building treatment systems for decades and have developed extensive experience working on some of the toughest sites!

The reliable and sustainable operation of a biological treatment plant is fundamental to the efficiency, cost of sludge management, energy consumption and cost of control of a wastewater treatment solution.

When a critical wastewater treatment asset fails on-site or fails to comply with environmental or safety legislative requirements, the risk and potential impact to a business, community or the environment can be both harmful and costly.

Ecofarmer Australia continues to be the trusted solution for the highest quality and reliability of biological SBR and MBR wastewater treatment designs in Australasia.

Industrial water treatment:

  • Reverse osmosis of brackish water

  • Industrial reverse osmosis system

  • Wastewater treatment system

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Wastewater treatment plant

  • RO systems

  • reverse osmosis system

  • Ultrafiltration system

  • chemical dosing system

  • Bladder Tanks Australia

final thought

Ecofarmer Australia has continuously evolved its wastewater treatment solutions over the past decade to meet the highly regulated industry within legislative requirements for engineering structure, biological modeling and quality results. some water.

With a strong track record of delivering high quality turnkey wastewater treatment solutions in some of the most challenging and complex environments, Ecofarmer Australia has found that remote areas display fragile environmental footprints due to exposed sites to drought, floods and tail water. quality of nitrogen, phosphate, turbidity and pathogenic microorganisms in relation to the environmental landscape.

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