SEVENFRIDAY T03 Tiger Editions –

Sevenfriday launches its Year of the Tiger watches in two colors – red and green. Introducing the Sevenfriday Tiger Series T3/04 Grrr-een and T3/05 Grrr-ed. Both limited to 500 pieces in each color.

Information on the press release with comment in italics.

SEVENFRIDAY T03 Tiger Editions

List price for Tiger Editions is SGD 1,688 (including 7% GST.

Editorial Commentary

Yeah, we know, we’re a little slow with that. The limited edition 500 x 2 series release went on sale from February 1, 2022, but a quick check on the Sevenfriday website shows that the T3/04 Grrr-een model is still available, while the model T03/05 Grrr-ed is no longer listed…although that doesn’t mean they’re sold out, as you can still get them from your nearest authorized dealer. In Singapore, Tiger Editions are available at SEVENFRIDAY Space Raffles City (#02-08B), Red Army Watches ION Orchard (#B3-03) and Red Army Watches / Watch Wonderland Suntec City (#01-470/472).

The watches are typical Sevenfriday releases…the same cool chic vibes, and tailored for the Year of the Tiger with the tiger theme. The new releases are part of the T Series Tiger Editions are smaller, thinner and lighter than other Sevenfriday collections.

Interesting details on the dial of the T3/04 and T3/05 are the construction of the multi-layered dial with a green or red gradient lens. And the motif of a Tiger’s head at 9 o’clock as well as an urban jungle landscape at 3 o’clock. The look of the watches is kind of street style.

Moreover, in line with the trend, Sevenfriday dips its toes into the NFT universe, and each watch comes with not only NFC authentication, but also an NFT digital certificate of ownership and an NFT collectible digital image (we understand that this is only for a limited time). , but we haven’t been told if it’s still available… but ask when purchasing!) which can be redeemed in the Sevenfriday app (Android or iOS) initially, and eventually in the Marketplace. Sevenfriday does not specify when this may happen, or which marketplaces, so we assume this is a work in progress, and they will update it when it is fixed.

Disclose information

If you’re quick enough, it is. You see this latest offering from SF is an OFF series, limited to 500 pieces each in green (Q3/04) or red (Q3/05) to celebrate the Year of the Tiger which begins February 1, 2022.

Now be careful! Because this particular series comes with some pretty groundbreaking firsts for SEVENFRIDAY, exciting new offerings that will enhance your SF property like never before!

For the very first time, we are going even further in our NFC authentication! Now when you register your T-Tiger in our proprietary app, SEVENFRIDAY will offer you your very own NFT, a digital certificate, authenticated by a blockchain contract, certifying that you own a genuine SEVENFRIDAY product!

But that’s not all – For a limited time, you can also choose to receive an NFT collectible, a unique digital image, with which you can start your digital journey, using it as an in-app profile or even exchanging it if you wish. to wish! We all know that NFTs are new and sometimes a little complicated to grasp. That’s why our computer assistants will have left you some instructions
in the APP and will also point out some of the exciting future digital offers we’ll have in store for you and your friends!
But first you have to pounce on this Tiger!

The first thing you’ll notice is its very distinctive dial, something we’ve all come to expect from SEVENFRIDAY’s little boffins. Founded on a four-layer construction, the dial is made of a semi-transparent red lens material (green for T3/04) with the underlay skeletonized to represent a tiger head at 9 and an urban jungle habitat at 3. And all elegantly surrounded by a brushed galvanic bronze ring.

Made of black PVD 316L steel, the case is ready to take on any challenge Urban Jungle throws at you! The brushed and polished bezel will shine through it all, and the red lacquer filled crown will inspire you!

Considering that this year we welcome the Water Tiger, we have also made sure that the T-Tiger is 3ATM waterproof and protected by K1 mineral glass! And the whole watch will be securely attached to your wrist by a combination of leather and red canvas strap. And if you’re colorblind or more environmentally inclined, the T3/04 will be available with a matching green leather and canvas strap.

So go fast and grab this opportunity, not its tail, to start the Year of the Tiger with a Rrrrroar, in the physical and digital world – Who says you can’t have the best of both!