Show your book nerd pride with these stylish book bags

Whether you’re waltzing through the library or the local bookstore, your hands should be free. How else are you supposed to browse the stacks, pet the store cat, or order a coffee in the reading cafe? But, your handbag won’t be enough – oh, no. Unless you’re Mary Poppins, your purse won’t be able to hold your wallet, phone, keys, kids’ snacks, and all the books you’re about to buy or borrow.

What you need is a book bag, and naturally it has to be cute to make everyone at the book club jealous.

Below are some of Scary Mommy’s favorite options – in different sizes, fabrics, prices and colors. Some are cute, some are stylish, and some are downright sarcastic. Just like the verses of books like them. Enjoy!

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Kimoli Wildflower Open Book Canvas Tote Bag

Made from eco-friendly materials, this super cute tote bag features long shoulder straps to make carrying more comfortable (no sweaty armpits here!). It can hold all your wallet necessities and book keys. There’s even a zippered pocket to store your most important items, like your library card.

Mahrokh Cat Flower Canvas Tote Bag with Zipper

Where are all the Scary Mommy cat parents? The artwork on your new satchel is of a black cat sunbathing in a meadow with a good book – and that’s the next best thing after bringing your best feline friend to the library with you.

Binggemen Custom Initials Canvas Tote Bag with Interior Pockets

Ready to hit up your local second-hand bookstore? This custom beauty can hold up to 50 pounds – yes, you’re in trouble! The canvas tote bag is made from very durable natural cotton and has a double inside pocket, one of which can be closed with a zipper.

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag with Inside Pocket

Carry your books in style with this iconic Kate Spade canvas tote bag. If you’re a classic bookworm, you need this bag. Book stack graphic includes Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudiceand on the other side of the mirror.

Corduroy tote bag with inside pocket

If you’re looking for a satchel that has a subtle design or can double as a shopping bag, go for this quirky number in corduroy. It is very spacious and has interior pockets as well as a three-snap closure to keep your belongings safe. Choose from over 12 colors.

Ihopes reusable tote bag always fully booked

You know you’re a bookworm when you send the “Sorry, I can’t come tonight.” I don’t feel good” text while you’re in the middle of a bubble bath and sticking your nose in a book. Snag this bookish reusable tote bag for yourself and the bookworm in your life.

Universal Zone Library Card Tote Bag

Call me nerdy, but I need this library card tote bag! It is made of 100% cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink. Several customers rented the product space; one person was able to hold 20 pounds (about 18 pounds) and had no issues with loose seams or broken straps.

YouFangworkshop Drink good coffee Read good books Tote

Are you a hot coffee team or an iced coffee team? Either way, coffee and books go hand-in-hand, so it only makes sense that you’re toting your precious cafe-reading cargo in this tote bag.

Sold Out Library Tote Bag

With a shorter shoulder strap, this vibrant tote bag sits a little taller than the others on this list. Inside you will find a handy inner pocket for small loose items. Several customers have commented on how sturdy and roomy the bag is; they could hold books, umbrella, water bottle, etc. A portion of every sale is donated to literacy programs and book donations.

Nerd Pride Out of Print Book Tote Bag

Show your love of reading pride with this colorful canvas bag. This tote has the same craftsmanship and features as the aforementioned bag. A portion of every sale is donated to literacy programs and book donations.

CafePress Book Club Reading Tote

Everyone at the book club will be stalking you for a link to the shop as soon as you walk through the door with this cute book-themed canvas tote on your arm. Also shop from two different sizes and other reading themed prints. Bonus: the bag is machine washable!

Book Lover Bookworm Gift Co. I Have No Shelf Check Tote Bag

Funny and relatable, every book junkie needs this tote. The seams and hands are double-stitched for durability and support, and the bottom flattens to fit snugly over a stack of books.

Tote-a-lee Awesome Books & Shit Tote Bag

With this witty tote, you’ll never forget to leave home without your book or e-reader again. High-tech stitching on seams and stress points ensure your books are safely stored. (The last thing you need is one of the post-library run-breaking suspenders.)

Fokongna Just One More Chapter Reusable Tote Bag

You know the drill – “just one more chapter” turns into five more chapters, keeping you reading until the wee hours of the morning. Show your bookworm pride with this conversation starter shoulder bag. Who knows, you might also make a new reader friend!

Joyful Moose Store Funny Library Book Bag

This adorable canvas tote might not save you from paying your library fines, but it would make a great gift for your local librarian. Measuring 22 inches, the shoulder straps are longer than most and the bag has a reinforced bottom to help books lay flat.

Little Golden Books Canvas Tote Sold Out

This Little Golden Books canvas tote would make a cherished gift for a little bookworm. You can even fill it with your favorite stories from the Little guest books series or other children’s book-themed toys and accessories.

Nancy Drew Tote Bag

Calling all mystery readers! Don’t miss this fabulous canvas tote featuring Nancy Drew, aka the mystery-solving queen, and her trusty magnifying glass on the front. The bag has more than enough space to carry your books and an inside pocket to hold small loose items.

ThisWear bookmarks are for dropouts All Over Print Tote Bag

Are you someone who uses bookmarks or dog ears pages or you that person who can memorize which page you left off on? Whichever team you fall on, this sarcastic tote will make our fellow avid readers laugh.

The Bookworm Shop I’ve read forbidden books Tote Bag

Support banned authors, read banned books and challenge banned book lists! Buy one for your book club friends, your child’s teacher, the local librarian, or anyone else who supports the cause.

FOLIO My training is reading in bed Canvas Tote Bag

Who else can identify? Give your forearms a break and stash your book and stuff in this hilarious bag. Travel to the cafe, the beach, the library, or wherever your favorite reading spot may be in bookworm style.