Some Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Editions arrive damaged

Some who purchased the expensive The Last of Us: Part I Limited Edition for PlayStation 5 say it arrived damaged due to improper shipping.

The top-to-bottom remake of The last of us is now shipping to pre-orders. This includes the Firefly edition of The last of us part 1a limited-edition PlayStation Direct bundle that includes a Steelbook, comics, and a variety of DLC that retails for $99.99 before shipping. The last of us part 1 Firefly Edition is out of stock now, with no promise that more will be available. But now some disappointed Firefly Edition buyers are getting damaged boxes in the mail.


It is becoming more and more frequent that those who have purchased The last of us part 1‘s Firefly Edition share photos of damaged deliveries on social media. Boxes have been crushed, torn, stomped on and even the shipping packaging has been glued and crushed into the game box itself.

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The problem seems to be that PlayStation Direct sent the boxes of the $100 Firefly Edition in a simple padded manila envelope. As anyone familiar with mailing valuables can attest, a manila envelope, no matter how stuffed, is going to twist along the way. It appears that the amount of glue used on these specific manila wraps was also an issue, leaving dried glue and torn pieces of the manila wrap stuck to the top of the $100 Firefly Edition box.

Every Firefly edition of The Last of Us: Part 1 for PS5 was sold through the PlayStation Direct website. He could have chosen to use boxes for shipping instead of kraft paper envelopes and did not. He definitely should have, given that these boxes cost buyers $100, but chose not to for some reason.

Unfortunately, Firefly Edition buyers have little recourse in the situation. The Firefly edition is sold out and there is no indication that it will ever be restocked, so it cannot be returned. Even if it did, PlayStation Direct would likely use the same sender. The best option for the unhappy The last of us fans is trying to get a refund, though it will likely require the Firefly Edition to be returned.

It’s a horrible situation all around. Those who purchase a $100 limited edition version of The last of us for PS5 will be the biggest fans of the game or platform. These are the people PlayStation should want to be happy with their purchases. There is still a possibility to do so. Hopefully, PlayStation Direct will issue a statement on this and offer purchasers recourse soon.

The last of us part 1 is now available on PS5.

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