Student art enters Luton hat factory

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In an exhibition called ‘Flow’, postgraduate students from the University of Bedfordshire will show how they take their artwork from concept to reality at one of the county’s premier art venues – The Hat Factory.

Running for eleven days between 1st and 11and In March 2022, the exhibition will feature a number of “Work In Progress” pieces from students currently enrolled in the University’s Masters of Art and Design course, which will give the public a glimpse into the “flow” of their creative processes. .

The exhibition will have a free official opening on Thursday 3rd March from 5 p.m., to coincide with the 14and anniversary celebrations from The Culture Trust – the charity which runs a number of cultural venues across Luton, including The Hat Factory.

Dr. Janet Emmanuel, senior lecturer and head of the postdoctoral portfolio, is delighted to see the works on display. She says:

“This exhibition is unique because the student artists offer the viewer the opportunity to see how their works have been developed from the beginning. Seeing how the creative process works is an insightful experience and can provide perspective, as well as encourage viewers to participate, offer suggestions, and even get involved in the art making themselves.

“Working with the Culture Trust will give artists an understanding of the deep values ​​of local galleries and spaces, and enable them to connect with collectors, gallerists and employers in the area.”

Dr Carlota Larrea, Director of the School of Arts and Creative Industries, added: “As we return to normalcy after the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all eager to live again and enjoy again. to be together – staff, students and the creative community. The opportunities to work alongside and within Luton’s cultural quarter, to help bring the area to life, are wonderful – and much appreciated by our students. For them, exhibiting their show and collaborating with other creatives is such a great opportunity and a valuable addition to their CV.

Students participating in “Flow” offer a variety of artistic specialties, including photography, 3D animation, interior architecture, fashion design and textiles.

Click on the name of each creation to find out more about their work and background:

This is the latest in a regular series of exhibitions involving Bedfordshire students, all in partnership with The Hat Factory – the most recent being Pertinacity and Luton: Brimming with History.

Sam Javid, creative director of the Culture Trust, believes Flow is proof of the region’s creative talent. He said:

“The creative energy at Luton is exceptional. Working closely with the University of Bedfordshire means we can spot and support new artistic talent and help students reach the audience they deserve. I am also delighted that this event is part of our 14and birthday parties in the Hat District, which means we can shout out and celebrate this show with friends old and new.

A program of workshops and activities is planned to accompany the exhibition, including artist talks and a question-and-answer session where the public can interact with the artists and discuss their work. Visit for more information.

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