posted on December 28, 2021 Navigating the family law system and the day-to-day logistics of separation are some of the many obstacles you will overcome after your relationship breaks down. But getting there isn’t always easy, especially for the little ones in the house. Separation affects every aspect of life,Read More →

It’s not just COVID-19 that’s filling pediatric intensive care beds in Collin County. The other culprit is RSV. | Shutterstock Last week, we published an article about the COVID-19 Delta variant causing a severe shortage of pediatric intensive care beds in North Texas. However, there’s another culprit behind Collin County’sRead More →

National Security Police in Hong Kong on Thursday said they arrested five members of a union of speech therapists over a series of children’s books depicting ‘seditious’ sheep, which authorities said showed support for the 2019 protest movement and ‘incited hatred’ towards the city government. The two men and threeRead More →