The best interior designers who create pure art | Ask the Experts

Their projects are sources of inspiration, models and covers of glossy magazines all over the world. Their names appear in the jury of international competitions, exhibitions and rankings of the best professionals. Who are the most famous interior designers who create pure art?

1. Jean Louis Deniot is a world famous designer, included in the ranking of the best modern designers according to world publications on interior design and architecture. His portfolio includes the Coco Chanel Suite at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris, Maison Carlisle, fashion designer Michel Klein’s apartment and boutique, the veranda of the Trump Showroom, and work on the interior of the Hôtel Nolinski. , which is managed by the Evok channel.

His creations combine chic elegance with the quiet luxury of high end bedroom furniture, and the color palette is dominated by gold, chocolate, beige, cocoa and turquoise. The symmetry of lines, the balance and harmony of forms, the symbiosis of textures such as crystal, bronze, leather, silk, marble, malachite are the characteristic strengths of Jean Louis Deniot’s interiors.

2. Carlo Rampazzi is a Swiss designer and architect, known for his non-standard approach to interior design: playing with contrasts, combining unusual shapes and colors, mixing different styles.

Rampazzi creates original and memorable furniture that best fits into the environment of his projects and complements ideas in the style of “neo-maximalism”. The furnishing of the Carlton hotel in Saint-Moritz, the creation of the interior of the Berluti shoe store in Paris, the Il Piacere di Abitare project with Alessandro Mendini belongs to the genius of Carlo Rampazzi. The designer himself thinks his ideal client is Alice in Wonderland.

3. Martin Lawrence-Bullard – “Hollywood designer”, whose clients are Christina Aguilera, Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Cher, Edward Norton and many other world famous stars.

Bullard prefers an eclectic style, its interiors are filled with nuances, ornaments and are distinguished by the combination of different cultures and eras in one project. The unusual modern exhibits would fit perfectly into his designs. The designer creates a special flavor by working with fabrics and developing new solutions directly for the client, which makes each of his projects unique and different. The commercial interiors portfolio includes Chateau Gutsch hotels in Lucerne, The Prospect Hollywood and Hotel Californian resorts, Casa Laguna and Sands Hotel & Spa, and all objects can be found on Martyn Lawrence’s website.

4. Christopher Hall – The New Zealand designer, wowed by Istanbul’s architecture and color, embodies his interiors with royal panache. In decoration, the designer favors bronze, marble, elite wood species, juicy solid colors of fabrics, malachite, and his projects combine the traditional luxury of the East and the minimalist practicality of the West. . Christopher Hall is responsible for decorating Prince Faisal bin Sattam’s palace and the home of the governor of Saudi Arabia in Medina, as well as designing interiors in the royal couple’s homes in London and Riyadh.

5. Kelly Hoppen is a well-known British designer, whose achievements have been awarded the Second Order of the British Empire. She creates elegant and spectacular interiors in the style of “neutral luxury”. The peculiarity of his work is the use of a monochrome color palette, which is based on natural colors: beige, sand, pearl, ivory, olive. However, the designer’s favorite color is taupe, a mixture of gray and brown that no project can do without. Kelly Hoppen claims that her design is based on a lattice pattern and symmetry – on a constructed and ordered linear world, while she sometimes likes to turn everything upside down, exploding a frozen form with various asymmetrical elements.

The admirers of Kelly Hoppen’s design and her clients are the royal family, Elton John, the Beckham couple, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump. Commercial projects of the designer: rooms of the Shenzhen Bay complex in China and Lux ​​Hotel Resort in the Republic of Mauritius, the cruise ship Celebrity Cruise, as well as the first work of Kelly Hoppen in Ukraine – the interior for the elite Kyiv residential complex Linden Luxury Residence. The residence is positioned as the only house under construction with living space in the government district of the capital.

6. Classical arabesques, knitting and lace, baroque curls are the characteristic motifs of the interiors of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Wanders projects are provocative, unique, with fantastical and fabulous elements. The Mondrian Hotel in Miami was designed by the designer in the style of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale: a snow-white lobby, chandeliers, bells, open-air tents, spiral staircases – l he interior conveys a feeling of lightness, splendor and luxury. His work combines advanced technology, eccentricity and conceptuality. Wanders’ portfolio includes the Taipei Private Residence, the design of the Hyde and Oh!

7. Philippe Starck is one of the most sought-after contemporary designers. Many models of designer furniture are unpretentious and put into mass production, because the designer does not consider his creations elitist. All his life, he “killed” design, or rather, destroyed its elitism.

The idea of ​​each design is built on associations, lightness and hidden meaning in interior details. Starck’s designs often use flowing, elongated archetypal shapes that can be seen as a direct imitation of the style of Salvador Dali. The interiors of the Sanderson Hotel in London combine baroque and modernity with a variety of details: bar stools with painted eyes, flowerpots with bow ties, sofa in the shape of lips. Palazzina Grassi is a hotel in the heart of Venice, designed by Philippe Starck and distinguished by its “crystal” and its lightness, a feeling of mirror space.

8. Patricia Urquiola realizes in her interiors the presence of a communicative component that creates balance and connection between design objects and their users. The characteristic features of Patricia’s style are the openwork, the “lightness” of the furniture, the experimentation with materials, textures, the use of two primary colors: white and black. Its interiors are as comfortable as possible for living, but they also have an artistic space. One of Patricia’s most successful projects are the interiors of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Barcelona and the private residence of Patricia Moroso, artistic director of the Moroso brand.

9. Tony Ingrao is a designer whose project budgets start in the seven figures. Interiors are made exclusively from natural materials, preference is given to elite types of wood and fractal resin. The works are of different styles depending on the architecture: from rustic to art deco. Ingrao is known for its private residential projects in the United States, Israel, Monaco, France and Saudi Arabia. One of the most emblematic projects is the interior of the New York hotel Baccarat: huge bay windows, magnificent views of Manhattan, natural materials, refined furniture.

10. Karen House is the founder of the Taylor Howes brand. Karen’s design is distinguished by the use of fine lines, details, sophisticated combinations and a noble color palette. His projects combine understated glamor with an interesting concept.

Most of Taylor Howes’ commissions are for private residences located in the most prestigious areas of London, as well as in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Park Crescent, a crescent-shaped residence designed by Karen House, is one of London’s most prestigious.