The Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly Editions Get Ripped Off In The First Place In Delivery

Buyer Beware

Happy the Last of Us part 1 Weekend to all! Yes, almost everyone. We at COGconnected have enjoyed our time with the game. It’s kinda perfect. Die-hard fans might have been eager to pick up a copy of the Firefly Edition, but there are several reports that the company’s arrival is damaged.

The Firefly edition contains a few pages of playable material, as well as a steel case and a linked comic. The shipping packaging probably did not protect the physical components of this book. The winners of the FireFly edition posted their deliveries on Twitter. Some collection cases, which contained everything, were damaged. A user claims that PlayStation offered a 20% discount for a purchase. It’s unclear if this will apply to everyone whose customers have purchased it or if they are being reimbursed elsewhere.

The PlayStation Direct Store is the only way to order The Last of Us Part 1. This would suggest that they are responsible for the condition of the product. This edition was proposed on September 1, so they hope to have corrected this error.

I did it pretty well. My body, the flap of the envelope literally couldn’t reach the other side, so they attached it directly to the top of the box as well. Many nasty residues are retained even without understanding all the actual damage otherwise. The gaming experience was very poor. a few days ago.

Jacob (@RillIris) September 2, 2022

Naughty Dog and PlayStation have made no explicit damage claims. Hopefully they compensate or replace them properly.

The Last of Us Part 1 is now available on PS5. It also offers a PC version.

What edition have you seen?