The MSU music department professor wrote the third book

Contact person: Camille Carskadon

Jason Baker (OPA Photo)

A Mississippi State University professor has written his third book, which he hopes will fill a gap in the music literature and help musicians of all levels improve.

Jason Baker, a professor in the Department of Music, explains that his most recent publication, “Sequential Studies for Rudimental Snare Drum,” was written with just about every percussionist in mind.

“The purpose of this book is to provide a structured method for practicing the Percussive Arts Society’s 40 International Drum Basics. Presented in five sections, each focuses on a limited number of rudiments drawn from the roll, paradiddle, flam and drag categories. Each section consists of six studies and ends with a summary study containing all the basics used up to that point in the book.

The idea for the book came to Baker in 2019 when he realized there was a gap in the literature in terms of publishing that introduces new rudiments of snare drumming in every study, but also reviews those previously taught in a systematized way.

Baker uses this approach throughout the book and wrote the final study to use the Percussive Arts Society International’s 40 Snare Drum Basics. He began writing while teaching young school-aged students at MSU Community Music School. As the writing progressed, he began to use it with his college students.

“I hope this book will find its place, from beginners/intermediate students through to students and professionals, either as a teaching text or as an addition to a player’s daily warm-up. I even play it at the start of every day,” Baker said.

Baker has also published two other books, “15 Progressive Snare Drum Solos” (Drop6 Media, 2009) and “33 Elementary Timpani Etudes” (Honey Rock Publications, 2019). He is the author of 29 musical compositions and arrangements, as well as four solo albums and 18 journal articles.

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