Toby’s adventures continue in the second children’s book

Golden Retriever Summer, now a big dog, is the inspiration for Toby, from “A Puppy in Maine” children’s book series, by Maureen Lee and Jennifer Lee Cooley. The second book in the series, “Toby’s Winter Rescue”, is now available. Courtesy picture

The curious puppy Toby, from the series of children’s books “A puppy in Maineleft for a new adventure with “Toby’s Winter Rescue.”

This is the second in the series featuring the Golden Retriever pup as the main character, and this time Toby is heading to the Highlands of Maine and an encounter with wildlife.

The book, by Maine authors Maureen Lee and her daughter Jennifer Lee Cooley, was released this summer, just months after the March debut of “Toby’s Sea Storm Treasure.”

Maureen is a primary care physician in Biddeford. Jennifer is a teacher at RSU 21.

In the first book, Toby goes to comb the beach at Pemaquid Point the day after a huge storm.

This time, the pup is by the lake and experiences his first snowfall when he encounters a baby moose in peril.

Maureen said when she and her husband Woodrow moved to Maine many years ago, they visited Moosehead Lake and she saw her first moose.

Maureen Lee and Jennifer Lee Cooley, authors of the ‘A Puppy in Maine’ children’s book series, pose with their books and Summer, the inspiration for Toby, the fearless pup featured in the series. Courtesy picture

“The moose came up the road to lick the road salt,” she said, noting how the large animal stood out against the snowy backdrop. “We had time to cross country ski in the forests and the snow drowned out all outside noise making the experience so serene and magical!”

Both writers enjoy exploring their home country with their families and Summer, Jennifer’s Golden Retriever, is the inspiration for the book series.

“We all had a wonderful time hiking, swimming and playing in the Moosehead Lake area before writing the last book,” Maureen said. “I think the vacation and the research, before writing the book and drawing the illustrations, is as much fun as completing the book.”

With that in mind, the family recently returned from Machias Seal Island and visited the Downeast region of Maine, where wind, waves and land meet and are the Atlantic Puffin’s summer habitat. The seabird will be featured in their next book in the series, “A puppy in Maine.”

Daughter-in-law Molly Lee, Woodrow Lee, and graphic designer Geraldine Aikman helped the mother-daughter team write and Jennifer illustrated the books.

Maureen and Jennifer said that about 50 children accompanied by their parents came to read a book and that the two authors participated in the craft project that followed. “Each child received a pin with Toby’s picture on it as a keepsake made by children’s librarian Maria Richardson,” Jennifer said.

The hardcover children’s picture book”Toby’s Winter Rescue” as good as “Toby’s Sea Storm Treasureare available on the website:, at Nonesuch Books in South Portland, and at the Maine Women in the Arts shows September 30-October 2 and December 1-4 at Masonic Hall in Kennebunkport. They are also available for reading at the Kennebunk Free Library and the Louis T. Graves Memorial Library in Kennebunkport.

“I’m very excited about the release of our second book and I hope our readers will be too,” said Jennifer, who edited the manuscript and completed the illustrations ahead of her wedding earlier this summer.

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